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Be unabashedly you!

“Oh! You look fat?” “This dress is not suiting you!”

Are you tired of hearing this at every family function or friend’s gathering? It’s time to change! Not the people, as it is a futile attempt, but your styling strategies. 

While being chubby or slim is completely our choice, we don’t mind looking fit and stunning. Flaunting at every gathering and people complimenting you is something we all crave no matter what.

It’s time then! Let the glam in you fly high and don’t be afraid to show your true side unabashedly. 

But HOW?

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Just read on……

Today, let us learn a few tips and tricks for styling your outfit so you look not only slim but glam and confident:

Wear one colour head to toe  

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This is one of the easy-to-follow style hacks as wearing one colour outfit will create an illusion of a slim body structure.

  • Wear tops and bottoms in the same colour group/intensity/near match.
  • You can try pantsuits, jumpsuits etc.
  •  You can go for minimal contrast. Like wearing: a navy tee and dark wash blue jeans or a light blue hoodie and light wash jeans,
  • Mixing in prints and textures will work (eg: a floral silk blouse with similar colour cargo).

Choosing the right colours and patterns 

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Much attention should be paid to choosing the colour and pattern of the outfit you are wearing.

  • Black, and other dark colours, reduce the number of shadows that can be seen on your body
  • Always pair your outfit with bright accents and accessories at your waist, wrists, neck, and feet. 
  • Wear thin vertical stripes that create a visual illusion of thinner and taller structures. 
  • Avoid big patterns 
  • Clothes with vertical panels also work 

The inner game

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This is where half of the secret lies. Wearing underwear and a bra that is a perfect fit for you is where most people either fail or take it lightly.

  • An overflowing bra or extra fat that has not been squeezed in can make you look obviously fat. 
  • comfy panties and shapewear that bite into your hips and perfect-fit bras that keep your chest supported and firmly in place, without creating rolls are very important. 

Add some height

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By adding some height you obviously look slimmer in any dress. 

  • Wear high heels, wedges, platform sneakers, low block heels, kitten heels etc to make your legs look longer thus you look slim. 
  • You can even try simply moving the rise of your jeans and pants up an inch to add some extra length to your legs.
  • High-waist pants can also do wonders

Choose the right neckline 

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Did you know even your neck shape can make a difference? Whatever you wear try to choose v neck.

  • V-neck strengthens your shoulder line and lengthens your neck and torso. 
  • Usually, a wider Vs balances broad hips and thighs and deeper Vs give a generous chest separation and lift.
  • In that sense, a wrap dress or crossover top is an easy option.
  • You can also try creating vs by simply unbuttoning and tucking all your shirts and blouses to a V.
  • You can also go for boat neck, it also offers shoulder-broadening and neck-stretching benefits to the upper body.
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That’s it! I bet you will start hearing this- “You look so hot today!”- more often now. Don’t be discouraged by your body size and figure you just have to wear your outfit complimenting your figure and personality. 

Love you my ladies. Now shine bright and be you <3


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