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Staying in, chilling, eating and watching our favourite movies at home is the type of home date we should all have once in a while, with dim lighting, a glass of wine in one hand, some comfortable clothing, and good food for a good mood. So, while you’re staying in, it’s also important to choose movies that both of you will enjoy watching, so here are 5 great movie suggestions to watch with your boo!


This adorable movie is based on the famous novel of Lady Susan by Jane Austen. The story starts by introducing a young widow and her daughters. So while she was finding a suitable husband for her daughter she secretly fell in love with her brother-in-law. While she is trying to make Reginald fall in love with her and is stuck between friendship and love it makes the movie more fun to watch since it’s a mix of rom-com, drama and is a bit quirky which makes it a must watch!

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

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A timeless classic, indeed! Hum Tum is a beautiful story that is ideal for when you decide to watch a romantic comedy. The plot begins with the introduction of two strangers who cross paths on several occasions under various circumstances, ranging from friendly to hostile to loving. They keep bumping into each other over the years, and at first they become friends, then they hate each other, and after a while they befriend each other, but just when they think there is no way they will ever meet, life has other plans and circumstances for them to fall in love. 

The best part is the little cartoon characters who appear in between the scenes whenever they collide. Friendship, drama, fun, comedy, and, most importantly, love are all present. It’s the most ideal choice for a movie date.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

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This is a very sweet movie where two strangers meet each other accidentally and bond instantly. The strangest thing happens with them when they get to know that they both had been dumped on the same weekend. So they make a plan to ruin the ex’s current relationship and win them back. And like a classic love story while they were scheming this they accidentally fall in love and they realise how love can make them do wild things. It’s basic and sweet but perfect for a good mood evening watch to feel good.  

Available on : Amazon Prime Video

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Since its release, this adorable film has captured many people’s hearts. Mini, the daughter of a wealthy man, is unwilling to marry and despises the word “marriage.” So, in order to get away from it, she frames Viren, a regular auto driver, to kidnap her, and after a roller coaster of adventure, running from family, and apparently being actually kidnapped, they have an amazing journey. But what exactly is going to happen? If they fall in love or not, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.

 Available on: Netflix

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Ever wanted a movie that was as equal as crazy fantasy and as stupid as our bollywood romance? Well there is one gem hidden in all the other coals and that to us is Jab We Met! The story starts by introducing a hot shot multi-millionaire Aditya Kashyap AKA Shahid Kapoor. When he is depressed with his family situation and wants to give up on his life an unexpected turn comes to his life while sitting on a train. A girl who is crazy, sweet, hot like a chilli and has the sweetest urge to live her life to the fullest. So what do you think happens when two of these opposites attract each other through a crazy train journey? Will they make it to their destination? Or go through big adventures to find their love? To know more go and watch this movie now!

Available on: Amazon Prime Video


There you have it folks! These are the 5 best movies to binge watch with your boo on a home date. Try out these recommendations and let me know which one you liked the most in the comments. 

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