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More is more was the motto of this fashion week.  After a two-year hiatus, FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week returned to the runway. Prior to the pandemic, both of these fashion bodies operated independently in Mumbai and Delhi—but in recent seasons, they’ve joined forces and collaborated on virtual and phygital showcases. This time, fashion week returned to the capital city in all its glory. Six days of extensive and exhausting runway presentations by industry bigshots and up-and-comers culminated in an extravagant grand finale in the heart of Delhi. It was a homecoming for the Indian fashion industry as things returned to normal. Everyone came to play, from seasoned editors and models to influencers and aspiring content creators.

Let’s talk about the fashion at fashion week: while there was no overarching theme or season, a sartorial celebration seemed to be the underlying mood. Despite a number of misses, here are some of the trends that I spotted and approved.


It was a case of art imitating life for designers Payal Singhal and Masaba Gupta. Collections took inspiration from our real-life closets past two years (and continuing) spent in sweatpants. We now dress with sensibility and versatility in mind—a wardrobe that can work around the clock. Singhal brought sports bras in saris, and fanny packs to several looks. It was a mix of high and low, street and sophisticated looks. Khaki joggers were not far behind, and a new and improved jogger hybrid was patented: the harem jogger—drop-crotch and draped, but with all the comfortable couchwear we’ve come to love.

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Summer trends are incomplete without a dash of colour. There was an immense pop of colours on the runway. 

Sachdeva took a more playful approach to design, with pops of colour within those knife pleats and playfulness in the silhouettes, which included saris but also cropped tops and T-shirts with gathers. It was uniform dressing for the mature girl—a more self-assured woman, similar to Sachdeva herself.

Anamika Khanna, who opened the week with a virtual performance on March 16, was another headlining act. Khanna gave us a unique new vision for the modern woman in the midst of her armour-like approach to women’s fashion. Geometric skirts with colours similar to a Rubik’s cube, and kaleidoscopic shapes and palettes strewn across bomber jackets.

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We’re still in March far away from the party months. But if we count the wedding season sequins are a great addition to your wardrobe. Bloni, Siddhartha Tyler and the OG king of sparkle, Suneet Verma believe a little sparkle is all we really need. 

Sequined skirts with thigh-high slits were part of Sid Tytler’s reimagining of disco days circa Studio 54. Bloni by Akshat Bansal adds a conceptual yet quotidian note to the party special. First, it’s on a man, and then it’s on a hoodie-dress. Meanwhile, Verma treated sequins of various sizes to a lehenga treatment.

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From mismatched prints and print-on-print, we are now onto chaotic prints. Rajdeep Ranawat and Rara Avis by Sonal Verma made a strong chase for chaotic prints that weren’t necessarily symmetric or coordinated with the rest of the outfits.

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Arpita Mehta nails #HotGirlSummer. Consider barely there bralettes, block-printed capes, and off-the-shoulder gowns. This one is for all of you who are itching to get on the next flight out to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles, or anywhere with a beach where bare minimum coverage is the dress code.

Yavi’s sheer layers and light coats are exactly what we needed for our spring wardrobe. Printed and light-as-air sheer overlays that are ideal for when you can’t decide what to wear—pile it all on and go. Another recurring theme this week: bucket hats for every occasion. Nirmooha, Yavi, and Masaba are examples.

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Now that you’re well-equipped with all the trends that ruled the Lakme Fashion Week. Make the utmost of it this wedding season, or that bachelorette you have in your calendar. These trends are definitely going to turn a lot of heads. When complimented don’t forget about me. Do mention them about this blog post you read. Do share it with your style-conscious and fashion forward friends. Stay stylish. 



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