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Remember when we used to play all the cliche games that were always entertaining? We had fun because we were more active outside and would dread going back inside the house just as much, right? The same is true for children. We live in a world where technology is taking over our children’s brains, so it is critical that they learn to play the way we used to!

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Outdoor activities are crucial for children. It boosts their energy and metabolism, and they begin to enjoy physical activities. It is also beneficial to combine both brain and outdoor activities so that they can learn the lessons more easily. So, here are five outdoor games you should play with your child!


This is a classic game that we’ve all played at least once in our lives. As a result, this game can only be played by one player at a time. All you need for this game is a hopscotch grid and some colourful chalk. You write the numbers 1 through 10 in the grid and your task is to toss a rock to number one and then hop with one leg to the end of the grid (remember, you can only use one leg) Unless there are two grids in between you balance out and reach the end, if you lose it and keep your leg down you’re out of the game.

When you reach the end of the grid, your task is to rebalance and return to the beginning. It’s a super fun and energetic game with the potential to improve your concentration, and let’s face it, everyone enjoys a good challenge.

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Aah… after our very popular series Squid Game, this game is quite famous, but we all know where it came from. This is the most memorable game for all of us because we were always trying to get to the traffic light. So you appoint one person to serve as a traffic signal, flashing Red and Green. So basically, when the traffic light says ‘Green Light,’ it turns back on everyone, and your task is to inch closer to the traffic light. The twist is that it can shout out ‘Red Light,’ at any time, and when that happens, you’re not supposed to move (basically, be a statue), but if you move a little bit, you have to start over. The winner is determined by who tags the Traffic light first.


Four Corners is a great game to play with your child in which one player is designated as “it” and the other players are assigned to four different corners. So the other players are supposed to swap places with each other without being caught by the “it,” and if the “it” catches anyone or runs in an empty corner where the other players have gone, that person becomes the “it.”

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This is yet another super classic and enjoyable game to play with your child. This also has advantages in that it teaches how to be a team player and how to defeat someone who is attempting to cheat. In this game, there are two teams and two different coloured flags. The flags are placed on the boundaries of each team, and the goal is for one player from each team to go over to the next team and try to capture the flag. The rules are simple: if you are tagged, you lose; if you successfully capture the flag, you win.

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I don’t think I have much to say about this game, but it’s a great game to play if you’re bored at home or outside. Essentially, one player counts to 10, 20, or 100 while the other players remain hidden. The goal of this game is to tag the catcher before he calls you out. If you get caught, you lose. Of course, you can make variations in this game based on your interests, but as the saying goes, old is gold.

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That’s all there is to it for the 5 outdoor games you can play with your child. Experiment with these options and let me know which one worked best for you in the comments. However, if you prefer indoor games to outdoor games, you will undoubtedly enjoy the Family Night Board Game Blog. To learn more, follow the link below:

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