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According to society, women have always been treated as inferior beings in relation to men.  But when it comes to the topic of investing, it must come off as a surprise that women are better investors when compared to men. The topmost reason being that we don’t shy away from asking for help and are constantly interested in learning new skills. However, women have innate skills for saving. That is why it comes as a shocker when we say women outperform men at various levels. But whenever women have been put down, they have proved that they can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. 

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Listed below are the five reasons why women are better investors than men.

1. Competence

Let’s start off with a fundamental reason why women can be better at investing: simply because ‘they can’. When we talk about finances, we always associate it with the men of our family. We neglect the fact that women have the potential to excel in this field as well, and in a way, we shrink their boundaries.

Now take a moment to answer these questions according to your observations. Who manages the finances better in your household? Who’s the spendthrift and who’s the saver?


So, why can’t women be better at investing too? 

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2. The Drive to Curiosity 

Women are always eager to know things around them and feed their curiosity by questioning and demanding relevant answers. On the other hand, men trust their instincts and go by them. The drive to learn new things and get a clear picture of them before embarking on a new venture gives women an upper hand. 

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3. Open-mindedness 

The frame of mind which lets women be open to suggestions and also abide by them, no matter how trivial they may seem, is again an added bonus. At the same time, men are rigid beings, driven by their male macho, and are sceptical about lending their ears to others’ points of view. Thus, they seem to lack receptiveness, which is one of the most essential qualities. 

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4. Research

Before diving into something, women always tend to test the waters and carry out proper research. The gained knowledge is again well-examined before jumping into a conclusion.

Once they get a clear-cut picture of their envisioned outcome, they execute their strategy and start working on it. Contradicting this, men take themselves as ‘Mr. Know-it-all’ and implement things solely based on their understanding. 

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5. Play it safe!

Although women are daring individuals, they do not take hazardous risks. They employ their rationality in instances that demand spontaneity and think through every possible end result before wrapping up. Meanwhile, men draw parallels between their boldness and masculinity and get themselves into reckless situations. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Remember, most of the top female investors in the world were not taken seriously at the beginning. But that didn’t drag them down. Boost your confidence and get movin’. Don’t let society bring your spirit down. I’m a voracious investor and with practice you can become one too.  

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