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These days, self-care has been mistaken for a day in the spa, treating yourself with a fancy dinner and the like. But the process of self-care has more to it than just bubble baths and butter-baked salmon. To put it in simple terms, self-care is looking after yourself for the sake of your well-being. In today’s face-paced world, our lives have become an exhausting journey, and we struggle to find a balance. Our lives go into a state of chaos as we keep running towards a goal or juggle between various tasks. Ultimately,  this frenzied pursuit activates our stress triggers and ruins our composed state of mind. 

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So what can be done? How can we break free from this self-destructive habit? How to slow things down but still make it to the finishing line? (tortoise grunts)

All you gotta do is take baby steps into your wellness journey. Listed below are 5 self-care practices that can be applied to every area of your life.

1. Give yourself some love

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We live a life prioritising our goals and tasks. We also have an extensive amount of concern for others’ emotions and feelings while we do not treat ourselves the same way. But ask yourself this question – Am I not worthy of my own love?  Cut yourself some slack and treat yourself with the love and respect you express towards other people. When you start practising self-compassion, you’ll stop seeking validation and set the bar high for your esteem levels. 

2. Inhale, exhale

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While dealing with stress and anxiety is one thing, doing it the healthy way matters more. First things first, to relieve yourself from stressful situations, take a time out. Clear your thoughts, break free from your stress triggers, take in a breath of fresh air and let it out. You do not necessarily have to find a corner, pick out a meditation posture or position. Just breathe yourself calm and regain your composure.

3. Go on a social media detox

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Did you know that social media has the ability to take a toll on your mental health? – The social comparison cycle keeps going in a loop that ultimately leads to serious depression. The body/beauty standards created by the platform drag us into a dark pit and scale down our self-esteem. Also, taking your time off from social media will give you more time to focus on yourself. After all, we gotta disconnect to connect. 

4. Spend quality time with your loved ones

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If your “me time” is only shooting up your anxiety levels, spend some time with your friends and family. Trust me when I say that talking your heart out will sort out half your problems. Reach out to your close ones, get the emotional support you need and feel better. That way, you won’t be dealing with the baggage all by yourself and get the assistance you need. 

5. Declutter your emotions 


Decluttering your emotions is easier said than done. But it is essential to deal with repressed emotions or else it is going to mentally exhaust you. The process will take a considerable amount of time, but it’s worth giving a shot, right? If you are looking for tips and techniques for emotional decluttering, here’s your guide. Check it out! https://blog.pankhuri.co/2022/05/25/tips-and-techniques-for-emotional-decluttering%ef%bf%bc/fashion/trending/

Start a self-care routine, follow the practices mentioned above, and bring out the best version of yourself. Remember, self-care is how you get your power back. Take care! 

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