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A game-changer in the Make-up department.

The key to looking naturally beautiful is by keeping it simple. Minimalism is well appreciated in today’s world and it is an easy way too! Nowadays, the widely popular makeup concept that everyone is trying out is the no-makeup makeup look.

 It is a thoughtful and resourceful way to use makeup every day and yet look stunning and attractive. But, there are certain things one should keep in mind while opting for this look as a minute overdo or overuse of one particular product can steal away the thunder from the look.

Here are five tips for sporting a natural-looking no-makeup makeup look!


skincare routine
No makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Dailymail.co.uk

We understand that not all of us are blessed with smooth and glowing skin. However, there are specific hacks to achieve it. The prepping up of skin is also essential before you embrace your makeup regime. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your skin well. Opt for sheet masks or cooling water masks to keep your skin hydrated before applying the makeup.

PRO TIP: Massage your skin with ice cubes to make it look fresh and tight


light coverage primer
no makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Tarte Cosmetics

Primer is one’s best friend while trying to attain the no-makeup make up look. It smoothens the skin and gives a good base for your foundation to last longer. Perfect the skin, so you do not have to use a lot of foundation. Keep your foundation dewy or opt for BB creams or CC creams instead of heavy coverage foundations.

PRO TIP: Add 2-3 drops of coconut oil or almond oil to your foundation or cream to get a dewy finish.


no make up makeup look
Image courtesy: Iamdiva.com

One of the very essential tips to keep in mind while flaunting a no-makeup make=up look is the use of blush.

PRO TIP:  Use a cream blush to give your cheeks that rosy finish as cream blushes blend well and also makes the skin look more natural.


no makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Stylecraze.com

Mascaras are significant while sporting a no-makeup makeup look. All you need to do is just apply a single stroke on your eyelashes to help it define itself. Keep in mind not to over-do it. Additionally, if you have skinny eyebrows, you can apply a few strokes of mascara and make it look voluminous naturally.

PRO TIP: Curl your lashes before you put on the mascara.


Nude lip shade
Nude lip gloss
no makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: John Lewis

A no-makeup makeup looks indeed discourages the use of dark, bold lip shades. Save your browns and reds for the extravagant function you are soon to attend. While flaunting this look, tint your lips with light, peach coloured lip balms and lip shades. Nudes are best suited for this occasion to make your lips look soft and supple.

PRO TIP: Nude shade of pink, peach and brown looks perfect on no-makeup makeup looks.

Pay attention to your brows:

Perfect eyebrows
well shaped eyebrows
no makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Peacockplume.fr

Give your eyebrow a shape that suits your face shape. Don’t overdo it as untamed and brushed eyebrows are ruling this season.

PRO TIP: Use a shade that matches your hair colour.

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