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One thing is certain if we take the time to reflect on life. Life on Earth is characterised by dualism, such as light and dark, good and bad, or positive and negative. While confronted with this duality in life, we learn some difficult lessons. One aspect of this duality is the removal of negativity. Remember when grandmothers would predict that an evil eye would be cast upon a home? Her directives would come in handy when dealing with these negatives, and they might also dispel any unexpected issues that arose.

We’ve all heard the phrase “evil eye,” and we’ve all used grandma’s advice to combat it. Tie a god-blessed and fortified black thread around a baby’s wrist, for example, or place a black dot on the baby’s cheeks. These practices are thought to prevent drishti or nazar, or to ward off negative thoughts of others on you. Drishti, according to Hindu mythology, is negative energy or a negative thought process that seeks to harm an individual’s appearance, growth, and prosperity. It’s the equivalent of casting a curse. These beliefs may lack scientific evidence, but they have become popular as they have been passed down through generations and are ingrained in one’s culture.


Here are a few popular energy-healing beliefs that many people use to keep negative energy away from their homes:

1. Fragrance

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Lighting incense sticks or scented candles in a home has a spiritual connection, and the fragrance of the incense or candle is thought to elevate energy and spread a sense of calm. Room fresheners can also improve one’s mood. The scent of limes and oranges in fragrance sprays creates the appropriate atmosphere and energy.

2. Use sound 

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Sound moves energy and has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. The music of the tinkling wind chimes aids in the disruption of negative energy patterns and promotes the flow of healthy energy. Tibetan singing bowls are another way to bring your home’s energy back into balance. Ringing a handheld bell throughout your home is a simple remedy for clearing any stagnant or negative energy.

3. Salt cleanse

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It is also believed that sprinkling salt in room corners and carpets will dispel negative energy. After a few hours, remove it. It is believed that salt crystals have a natural ability to absorb negative energy. Additionally, it is believed that placing some sea salt near the entrance and covering it with cloth or a doormat will keep negative energy at bay.

4. Declutter your house

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Clutter causes annoyance and negativity. It is one of the indications or symptoms of negative energy in the home. It also creates stress and suffocates positive energy. Decluttering a space makes it feel calmer and more open. Things that are no longer in use should be donated or given away. Furthermore, tidying makes it easier to find items. Learn to neatly file books and fold clothes in the closet. To keep small items neatly stacked, use wardrobe organisers and boxes.

5. Crystals

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We can’t talk about eliminating negative energy without talking about crystals. They’re one of the most popularly used methods to eradicate negative energies from home. The use of healing crystals can promote the flow of beneficial energies while removing negative, toxic energies.

 Crystals have the ability to transform the energy of your body, mind, and environment. To ward off negative energies, hang a few crystals near windows and doors, or place them in corners and near entrances. Black tourmaline is an excellent crystal for clearing the energy in your environment. For purifying effects, you can also use selenite crystal, rose quartz, jade stone, and amethyst. Use crystals as decorative accents or keep loose stones in a bowl for powerful healing properties.

Try these suggestions for yourself and see what you think. These may be simpler and more effective than you think!

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