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Showering love to our bride to be will always be on our checklists. Because who knows she might be very busy after this, you may not see her as much as you did unless her husband is very charming and kind enough to let you crash anytime you want. All kidding aside, her send off to her wedding life should be perfect to every bridesmaid. But! But! But! What if you’re on a tight budget?

I know that it feels bad to be in a situation like this where you can’t tell her that you’re on a tight budget, but you also can’t let her go just like that because you love her so much. So don’t worry we got you covered. Here are 5 ways to plan a bachelorette under a budget!


Uh, uh… Don’t go by the heading. Potluck may sound bad to you but it’s not. Here’s what you can do to make this interesting: make a list of the food items your bride likes and assign them to the bridesmaids in that way you don’t have to worry about the food cost and you can actually use the money to get booze. And let’s face it in this way you give your surprise a personal touch, you create fun memories and you get a lot of funny stories with everyone cooking.


Staying at home is not as bad an idea as you think it would be. And the above heading is one of the most cute, easy and effective ways to plan a bachelorette. Now for this load up on what are the bride’s favourite movies, set up a beautiful decor with dim lights, a perfect screen for movie watching with some wine and snacks. This will be a very nostalgic one if you are the oldest friends. You can talk about your memories, you get as crazy as you want and the best part is your bride will never forget this send off.

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Let’s get a bit cliche and dirty shall we? This idea will never go down, a game night is not supposed to be all cards and normal games you can get creative but while you do that do not eliminate the standard spin the bottle and the special card games. So going on with the point, get creative with games like blindfolding the bride and making her taste things (you can get wittier in this one, if you know what I mean.) go on with a competition of hand painting like, like…. (get the point). Make it fun, make it funky and most important make it memorable.

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Throwing a party does not always mean you have to throw her a party, you can also take her to one. Well this one is a bit strategic but you can make it happen. Firstly assign your bridesmaid to make diy decor with their own hand for a sweet gesture, decorate her room or home with a cake in between, make her feel special, make her get ready but before we go further the important point is pick a day where you would have ladies night at the bar, this is an odd way but a great way to celebrate. So after you make her feel all good, get ready to party, slosh yourself and have the best time dancing and singing with your chicas.

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The classic way to celebrate and feel great at the same time. Now don’t think about how on earth this is going to happen. Relax! a trip doesn’t mean you have to go to goa or reach a far destination. You can do that under a budget if you find the right place but if you haven’t this one’s for you. You can plan a trip in the outskirts of your city. Many people don’t know this but outskirt accommodations are always cheaper, so you could book a villa or a hotel with some sightseeing, drinks and so on and have fun. The best part it’ll just be you, other people won’t barge in just by the name of a trip and a weekend with their close ones is all a bride needs!

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That’s it folks these are your 5 options to plan a fun bachelorette where your tight budget won’t be a problem anymore and you can plan it yourself and bring a big smile on your bride to be’s face whom you’re gonna miss the most!

So try these out and let me know how it goes. And if you’re planning for some other ideas no matter what you’re budget is check out this blog too: https://blog.pankhuri.co/2022/04/05/4-ways-to-plan-a-secret-bachelorette-party/weddings/

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