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It doesn’t have to be an oxymoron to smell great in the heat. In truth, there are a few tricks that will keep you smelling fresh all summer long without having to take multiple showers. 

Body odour may quickly ruin a bright and beautiful summer day. The extreme humidity and scorching temperatures can make you sweaty and stinky. It’s also not going to help to smother oneself in perfume and hope the odour vanishes on its own.

Body odour is unpleasant, even if it is natural. You sweat more when it’s terribly hot. Body odour is caused by this, in combination with microorganisms on your body. So, the best technique to get rid of body odour is to keep yourself clean.

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Some people always have a pleasant odour, regardless of the circumstances. Do you want to discover what their secret is? Here’s how to smell amazing all of the time:


It’s not a decision to be made lightly when it comes to choosing your trademark perfume. When visiting a store for the first time, try the aroma on your skin and allow it to breathe. Allow yourself some time to see how long the perfume lasts on your skin and how well it blends and layers with your other beauty products. If you like the results, go ahead and purchase the perfume to use as your trademark scent!

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Personally, I think that filtering out my wardrobe is one of the easiest methods to keep sweat at bay throughout the summer. To begin with, I want to avoid any garment that would cling to my skin or trap heat. These garments are not only begging for sweat stains, but they can also absorb excess moisture and sweat. This means that the clothing you’re wearing is literally making you stink worse all day. Who requires that? This summer, ditch your heavier clothes in favour of lighter, more breathable fabrics like Cotton, linens, and wool (yes, you read that right, wool is an all-year-round fabric not just for the winters).



The task begins in the shower to retain a perfume fresh and intense from 9 to 5.  Preferably, take cold to lukewarm showers. It will keep you cool and dry all day. If you have essential oils or bath salts, use them in your shower to give it a nice aroma. It’ll keep you smelling fresh and fragrant throughout the day. And if your pals compliment you on your scent, you know who to thank (wink, wink). 

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I can’t stress this enough. Moisturized skin retains perfumes better than dry skin, according to Cosmopolitan. To help your trademark fragrance stick, apply a mild, non-scented moisturiser or a moisturiser that layers well with your perfume before applying it.


The base notes of a fragrance are amplified on the warmest parts of your body, so spritz the pulse spots on your wrists, behind your knees (yes, really), over your chest, and behind your ears sparingly with your scents.

Pro tip: Don’t rub your wrists together after spraying the perfume on your wrists.


Now, do this on a daily basis over the summer to feel and smell great. When our friends complain about sweating and having to reapply their perfume all day, remember to share this article with them so that they can smell as good as you without having to empty their perfume bottles as quickly. If these suggestions were helpful, please leave a remark in the space below so that I can be inspired to create more content that my readers will enjoy. Until then, take care.



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