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Your home is a reflection of who you are.  The way you’ve set up your house will give out a lot about you, and changing the look by adding new decorative touches enhances the overall look as well. Therefore, revamping your space every now and then is a must. If your decor gets outdated or if you feel like you need to spice up the outlook of your place, you’ve got to give your house a facelift. 

It’s a given that home decor items are a bit expensive and getting your hands on them every once in a while will pinch your pockets. It might also seem unnecessary to spend so much, and that’s exactly why you need to start recycling used or waste products lying around your house to create the best decor items out of them. Let your creative juices flow! 

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Listed below are 6 best out of waste ideas to decorate your home.

1. Plastic spoon lamp

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All those food deliveries apart from satisfying your hunger pangs also heaped a huge amount of plastic spoons. How does it sound to make a sustainable move, gather the mass together, and put together a lamp out of spoons? — Start your DIY project with a plastic bottle or any base of your choice and glue the bowls of the spoons together(remove the handles) in a particular fashion. Cut out a hole in the bottom of your bottle, fix a light bulb with its cable inside, and you’re good to go! 

2. Denim cupboard organiser 


Your jeans don’t fit you anymore? Not a fan of washed-out jeans? Don’t throw it away. Upcycle your jeans by adding a quirky touch to your regular closet space with denim cupboard organisers. Cut out the pockets (with a considerable amount of cloth) of your old jeans and sew the patches together. Affix a thread hanger and Voila! You can now put your accessories and all the knick-knacks from your closet in your new organiser! 

3. Tyre flower pot


If used car tyres are lying around consuming your garage space, uplift your home garden with a colourful tyre for a planter. Offbeat looks are the new trend and these decorative tyre flower pots will serve their purpose. Bring out your artistic sense and paint a tyre, fill it up with sand, plant your seeds/seedlings and ta-da, you’re done. 

4. Newspaper coasters


We all have a separate corner allotted in our house to store newspapers. So why not use the pile and make something out of it? A chic upgrade to your old newspapers would be to make coaster sets out of them and add them to your dining decor collection. 

 Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make paper coasters: How To Make A Paper Coaster | DIY Newspaper Craft Tutorial

5. Bottle art 

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Repurpose your wine bottles, or any glass bottles for that matter, as hanging lights, showpieces, or even a vase! But the first step is to unleash your inner Da Vinci and paint the bottle for an elevated look. There are multiple ways to paint a bottle, ranging from spray painting, sponge painting, puff painting, hand painting, etc. Get creative, play with colours, make use of your upcycling spirit and create an eye-catching showcase piece!

6. Mirror tray for candles

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This is for all the candle lovers out there. Candle holders are good, but how would you like a candle tray that reflects the soft glow? Gather all the unwanted pieces of mirror in your house, soften the edges, and add a decorative rim around them. Now place your candle on the mirror tray and there you have it!

The three R’s you must bear in mind are – Reduce, recycle, and reuse. Home decor is one way to repurpose waste items lying around your house. Play your role as a responsible citizen of the environment. It’s the little things we do that make a difference. 

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