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Pregnancy is a period which is often revered and perceived as the most beautiful and precious moment in human life. The magic of life gives birth to life.

It’s not a piece of happy news that it also comes with lots of stories and myths. These myths have been perpetuated like wildfire throughout the generations, mocking it as a genuine concern for you and your baby. 

And I agree that it is very hard to distinguish which is fact and which is a myth. Let’s debunk some of the myths here and rewrite those which we all still believe or believed at some point in our life: 

Myth No. 1: You Shouldn’t Exercise While Pregnant

Image credit: Tribune

There aren’t any humans for whom exercise is toxic, you just have to modify or do those exercises which are best suited for your conditions. 

  • Just know exercise is good for you and your baby, it keeps both of you active and peaceful. It will prepare you well for childbirth and ease the labour pain and not to mention keep you in shape.
  • Usually, aerobic and strength-training exercises are recommended but seek advice for how often, how much, and how hard you can exercise, apart from asking for tips on a safe fitness regime from your doctor. 

Myth No. 2: You can’t have sex/masturbate while pregnant!

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Image credit: Healthline

I agree this one is very rarely discussed but needs dire attention. While most women avoid having sex with their partner during pregnancy thinking it might hurt their baby or worrying miscarriage. What if I tell you that having sex is beneficial to your pregnancy?!

  • Your partner’s penis can’t physically penetrate beyond your vagina, where your kid is safe swimming in a pool of liquid surrounded by the thick muscle wall of the uterus. 
  • It is also said that having sex or masturbating can keep you stress-free and active not the other way. It also keeps your bond with your partner helping you to stay at ease. 
  • But you should be aware that sex and orgasms later in pregnancy can trigger mild contractions known as Braxton Hicks contractions, which are normal and will pass. 

Myth No.3: You Can Gain As Much Weight As You Want During Pregnancy 

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Image Credit: Exchange4media

You all must have been used to the popular phrase “Eating for Two”, which acts as an inspirational quote during your pregnancy to eat more, not better. You don’t have to eat twice as much! 

  • Women gaining weight during pregnancy is considered normal and sometimes desired. While it is okay to gain a healthy weight, gaining too much is not any day considered as healthy, as it can leads to back pain and other post-pregnancy issues. 
  • How much should you gain weight? There is no yardstick to tell you these. It vastly depends on how much you weigh when you get pregnant, how many babies you’re carrying, and other factors.
  • You just have to eat better. Add more diverse food to your daily diet, and strike a balance between protein, fat, and other nutrients and minerals you are consuming. 

Myth No. 4:  It is possible to predict the sex of the baby

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Image credit: Vogue

Apart from being a myth, It should be discouraged! While you can’t predict the sex of your baby, it is illegal to determine the sex of the baby in India. With an astonishing amount of girl child deaths still persisting in our country, it’s better to abstain from it.

People have come up with lots of hacks to predict the sex of the baby. Ranging from analysing the shape of the womb, morning sickness, your body and face, to bizarre techniques like how your wedding ring rotates when the woman suspends it from a string over your abdomen and watches in which direction it turns! None of these will tell you any truth.

Myth No.5:  If You’re Over 35, you won’t get pregnant or it will be a risky one

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Image credit: HerZindagi

My grand-mom used to say, “ you should marry early in order to have a healthy and good-looking child”. I bet you must have heard this at some point in your life. 

  • While there is some risk attached to women who are reeling under diabetes, high BP or other health issues, you can easily find women conceiving after the age of 35 and having a normal pregnancy, giving birth to healthy children.
  • You just have to talk to a trusted OB-GYN about the types of complications that can occur according to your health conditions. 

Myth No.6:  All mothers are happy and blissful after childbirth and it completes you as a women

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Image credit: Women’s Health.gov

Maternal bliss is one of the widely accepted myths! 

We all accept that the birth of a baby can trigger a spectrum of emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. Having a baby is just a new phase that every mom needs time and energy to fit into.  But you are not obliged to stay blissful all the time.

  • New moms are vulnerable to postpartum “baby blues” after about 2 -3 days after childbirth. And experiences mood swings, crying spells, shifts in physical and emotional abilities, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. But it eventually dies out after 2-3 weeks.
  • If not, you better rush to your OB-GYN, as it may be postpartum depression.

It comes with a more severe, long-lasting form of depression that could leave you finding difficulty completing daily tasks. 

It’s high time we should be free of these myths that have been perpetuated as fact through generations and generations. If you are pregnant or are planning to conceive or is a regular reader, think deeply before succumbing to the widely accepted fake truths. Comment below which one of these myths you believed till date as fact.

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