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Factors to consider before choosing your wedding decor

Your wedding décor is one of the best ways to personalize your D-day! It can be done by following a specific colour palette and theme; thus, the decoration must be well-planned to compliment you, your style aesthetics and your wedding outfit.

Here is a list of factors to consider before finalizing your wedding decor.

Neutral Wedding Decor Ideas
Pastels Decor Idea
Soft colour decor Idea
Image courtesy: Wedding Wire

Location: Different types of places typically require different units of decorations to create a stunning venue. For example, the decoration chosen for a garden wedding is not necessarily just like those used for a beachside event. It is critical to select embellishments which complement the chosen venue. For example, gazebos usually fit properly into garden and seashore weddings. 

Theme: Weddings embellished revolving around a particular subject reflects the couple’s style and taste. For example, In a Monrovian-themed wedding ceremony, the venue is adorned with lovely candles. You can pick quite a few handmade candles and have each guest light a candle, and shortly after that, the location will be lit with a glow that speaks of warmth and affection. 

Personalised Decor Ideas
Indian Wedding Decor Ideas
Image courtesy: Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography

Your Aesthetic: Although you can pick your stylistic wedding theme — Classic, Marvellous, Bohemian or Moderate. Your vision is probably going to change once you start with your spending plan, keeping in mind the number of guests, season, etc. But stick to what you want and look for budget options to implement the same.

Soft colour palette: Do not feel committed to having everything matchy-matchy. Think about a “neutral” shading palette consisting of ivory, beige, and hues with faint hints, similar to charcoal, olive green, and khaki. This methodology offers you the chance to have a couple of “centre” tones.

Table Decor Ideas
Indian Wedding Decor Ideas
Wedding Decor Ideas
Image courtesy: Jai Girard Photography

Start with essentials: If you have an idea of how you want your wedding space to be! Start with indisputably necessary things, for example – tables, seats (read about popular styles here), flatware, and lighting, if required. You might need a seating graph or escort cards, so visitors realize where they’re sitting at the gathering. 

Finish with Extras: If you have some room left in your financial limit, you can consider including a decorative “splurge” item. Perhaps you’ve been longing for a hanging macramé setting or adding lavish vintage velvet seats to add to the regalness.

Want to get more ideas for your wedding decor suiting your personality? Click here to chat with our expert team and have the wedding of your dreams.

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