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Home is a place where you belong, where you feel safe, and where you can just be yourself. No matter where you go or how long you take a vacation, at the end of all the fun, you just want to go home, find your spot and just sleep like a log. It’s funny, but it’s true that our hearts and souls belong to our very own homes. So, why not give it some love by upgrading a little bit? I know you might be thinking it would be totally out of budget, but ‘no’. We are here to help you take a look at all the items you’d need to have an elegant upgrade to your homes. 

1. Wallpapers

The home of your dreams begins with a perfect blend of colour palettes for every room. You don’t have to necessarily paint all the time; you could just buy different prints of wallpaper with your favourite colours. Yes, that’s right; all you need to do is purchase those wallpapers, which are easily available at Amazon. They are self-adhesive and waterproof. Now this is a total DIY project. Measure your walls and you just need to know what colour in which direction. You just need to find your niche. Maybe you could just have a blend of colours on your wall. Ooh!! It would be so much fun to do all of this with your loved ones.                                                             

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2. Mirrors

Mirrors increase a room’s appeal and also the brightness of the room. If you have a dim room or a room that is poorly lit, hang mirrors across from windows to bring more natural light in the room. If you don’t want to invest in a mirror piece, here’s a totally ravishing décor mirror that you cannot resist purchasing. These are the hexagon mirrors that come with the adhesive. All you need to do is just stick them to the wall and voila! It has a totally chic appearance. It can also be used as a background for clicking pictures and mirror-selfies.

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3. Carpets

Carpeting adds to the décor with its unique way of styling, colours, and patterns. Carpets add a royal touch. It requires a little extra maintenance compared to a hard floor, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. It gives a great, lavish look to your room. Adding a contrasting coloured carpet to your cushion covers on the sofa set is a total makeover for your living room or just any cosy room.

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4. Wall clocks

Well, well, what’s a room without a clock, huh? Adhering to Vastu, hanging wall clocks in the house would reduce the flow of negative energy and bring in peace and prosperity. They perfectly blend with any décor piece in the room, and they have a unique feature that attracts attention, so why not try placing it between the photo frames. So, you’ll always have a story to tell.

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5.  Pendant lights

Family dinners, date nights…you must be thinking of going out to have such an ambience with dim lighting along with light music. You can feel that sort of ambience in your very own home. Fix those pendant lights above your dining table by placing a flower vase and adding your favourite flowers. This will give you a total luxury restaurant vibe. It gives an aura of simplicity yet elegance to your dining area.

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6. Fall in love with fairy lights

Longing for a perfect cosy room with Netflix and chill? Yes, me too, but no more. What if I told you that we could DIY? You can purchase LED fairy lights. They are available on Amazon at very affordable prices. Now how do you give a perfect look? Place them alongside the walls above your bed, leaving one wall. Place the fairy lights on the other walls and arrange pillows on the opposite side of your bed. Here you go on with your favourite series/movies. Trust me on this, you guys. It literally lightens up your mood and feels like you are in a magical world.

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7. Candles, indoor plants, and books

Yeah, they all go to your side table along with some coffee. Isn’t that refreshing? Give a complete makeover to your side table with your favourite book; place a small indoor plant according to your taste. Candles are versatile, and they give a perfect finishing look. They’re known for their calming and healing properties. Having scented candles such as lavender candles helps in relieving stress; lemon candles help with anxiety and depression; eucalyptus candles help with energising and concentration. So why not have some personal time with this new makeover.             

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These are the changes that are most required if you are looking for a quick home upgrade with affordable prices and a ravishing look to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Add this décor to have the quickest and stylish upgrade to your “Home Sweet Home,” and let us know in the comments how these décor items helped in your home upgrade.

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