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Even if you’re not getting married, you’ll still fall in love with these ideas.

The Big Fat Desi wedding are slowly shaping into a Small Skinny Wedding – Intimate wedding being the next big thing throughout the global. However, that does not imply that you have to compromise with any element of your look. There are approximately one-billion things you could stress about before your wedding day—aka a day of big, monumental, life-changing moments. But one thing that shouldn’t bring you anxiety? Your wedding, sangeet or cocktail party makeup.

Because finding your day-of look shouldn’t be harder than finding your fiancé. Hence, Instead of rounding up a million beautiful inspo images to inundate you with options, I broke it down into the eight most-requested makeup looks, below, to simplify the selection. 


 For a fresh-faced look, stick with a sheer foundation, brow gel, and a layer of blush for a pretty, flushed finish. If you get in your dress and realize your natural look isn’t quite enough, pump it up with a light wash of bronze eyeshadow and a strip of false lashes.

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Image Courtesy: Emmachenartistry
aliandreeamakeup 97340810 240696023857591 5079408052029915242 n
Image Courtesy: Aliandreeamakeup


Not everyone wants to be a natural, blushing bride. If you don’t ever leave the house without a sharp contour or a blinding highlight, choose your features you love the most and focus on building those up (even if that means all of them). Love a bold eye? Choose a dramatic false lash. Love playing up your lips? Skip the sheer gloss and try a pigmented liquid lipstick (it’ll last longer through all the kissing and eating, anyway).

pennyantuar 75288868 155449379071261 5408629614351407117 n
Image Courtesy: Pennyantuar
malvikasitlaniofficial 67658060 103695730929905 3833020206163050165 n
Image Courtesy: Malvikasithlaniofficial


Try a glittery gilded eye, a metallic lip, or a gilded highlight in powder formulas, versus cream or oil, so your look will last all night.

pennyantuar 101049627 254207919133461 2041745167832763875 n
Image Source: Pennyantuar


Quite possibly the most popular way to play up your eyes for a formal event is with a little smoked-out eyeshadow or smudged liner.  For a bold look, try shadows in the charcoal or gunmetal-grey family, and for a lighter, softer look, play with light browns and taupes.

katiejanehughes 98944779 176907883778191 6249450964301554008 n
Image Courtesy: Katiejanehuges


If you don’t buy into trends and want something that’s going to feel timeless no matter when you look back through your wedding album, you can’t go wrong with a classic cat-eye and red lip. If this is already your signature look, stick with it but maybe bump up the lashes or add a cheekbone highlight to glam it up.

aliandreeamakeup 93989094 549171925737299 762442712398796872 n
Image Courtesy: Aliandreeamakeup


If you’re not a glitter queen, don’t feel like you need to be just because it’s your wedding day (it’s the number-one day to feel comfortable in your own skin!). A full-matte look can be just as glam and extravagant as its shimmery counterpart—just play up the eyes with shadow and liner, and go a bit deeper on the contour for the ultimate effect. Equally important: Keep blotting papers in your clutch (or, realistically, your maid of honour’s clutch) to prevent shine during photos.

shahafgaya makeup 95662735 267495284379766 342548025223003440 n
Image Courtesy: Shahafgaya_makeup


If your goal is to feel like a freakin’ goddess at your wedding, then, by all means, look like a freakin’ goddess! Iridescent highlighter and shimmery eyeshadow will give you that soft, angelic look—just tap the glow on the inner corners of your eyes, over your lids, along your brow bones and cheekbones, and on top of your Cupid’s bow. To keep it from looking like a ‘90s frosted overload, balance out the bright eyes and lips with semi-matte skin.

pennyantuar 103070542 2815040428625727 851069041140207327 n
Image Courtesy: Pennuantuar
pennyantuar 99558775 283965102774349 7828333992376398546 n
Image Courtesy: Pennyantuar


As with all century-old traditions, weddings—and wedding makeup—can start to feel a little cookie cutter. If ballet-pink lipstick and nude eyeshadow aren’t for you, try adding in a bright, lively colour, like a maroon-red lip, or ruby eyeliner.

katiejanehughes 97157747 545591266140189 8190650323229644771 n
Image Courtesy: Katiejanehuges
aliandreeamakeup 82153366 469454250659638 9044619238581992751 n
Image Courtesy: Aliandreeamakeup

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