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Whether you’re a seasoned practical joker or new to the game, having a few pranks in your back pocket for parents, kids, boyfriends, and friends—as well as some virtual gags you can do over text—is always a good idea. We enjoy pranks that are clever enough to catch a friend or family member off guard while remaining harmless enough not to endanger anyone. Laughter is an excellent medicine, and it is the ideal antidote when life becomes too heavy or too difficult. The 1st of April is as good a time as any to turn a frown upside down and brighten the mood.

April Fools’ pranks have been around since the 1700s, and the holiday is also known as All Fools’ Day. Many credits its inception to the people of the United Kingdom.

Do you want to stock up on April Fools’ pranks for your friends and family? Look no further than these amusing ideas.


1. Cookie Monster

Remove the filling from several Oreo cookies and replace it with toothpaste. To make it look like a normal snack, reassemble the cookies and serve with milk or water. The flavour of the toothpaste you use for the prank will most likely determine how disgusted they are!

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2. Soap no more

Anyone who uses bar soap in the bathroom sink or shower will enjoy pulling this classic April Fools’ prank on their parents, friends(if you’re living in a pg), or kids! When they’re not looking, take the bar of soap and completely dry it off. Then, using a small brush, carefully paint the entire thing with clear nail polish. Nothing will happen the next time a family member tries to lather the soap!

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3. All talk

You don’t have time to pull an April Fools’ Day prank this year? Instead, engage in some harmless psychological warfare. The No Prank prank is my favourite prank that is unique yet simple to pull off with friends and family. Simply hype up the people around you by telling them about the April Fools’ Day pranks you’ll play on them. When the big day arrives, do nothing but sit back and watch them nervously wait for the pranks that will never come.

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4. Getting Antsy

This harmless prank works extremely well if you prepare a child’s or partner’s lunch to take with them for the day. Set up their lunch box, as usual, filling each compartment with something delicious. Then, on top of each food item, place a plastic cockroach. Cut little “bites” out of the food with a knife to make it look like these plastic buggers took it upon themselves to eat their lunch.

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5. Add a little Sparkle

If you’ve ever used glitter, you know that a little goes a long way and that it gets everywhere. Fill an envelope with glitter and place it in the mailbox of a friend or on the desk of a coworker. They’ll be cleaning up glitter for the rest of their lives. It’ll be like Holi with glitter.

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6. POP!

This is a simple one that will generate a lot of laughter. If you have any rugs, grab some bubble wrap and place them underneath the rug. The sound of the bubble wrap popping under their feet will make the next person who walks on the rug jump. What, no rugs? Place it beneath the bathmat before they enter the shower and listen for the popping sounds.

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7. Honk!

Stick a piece of paper that says “honk at me” on your parent’s or spouse’s bumper just before they leave for work. They’ll be perplexed as to why everyone is honking at them. Try going out with them so you can join in on the fun.

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8. Voice-activated 

Bring an appliance to work for the day, or inform your family that you purchased a new toaster, coffee maker, or similar item. Put a sign that says “voice-activated” on the appliance. You’ll be doubled over with laughter as you watch everyone yelling at the toaster to toast.

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9. Chocolatey Surprise

So if you saw something circle, covered in chocolate, and with a stick in the bottom, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to sink your teeth into it. But imagine that it’s not an apple under all that chocolate but an onion. 

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Now that you have so many pranks up your sleeves, don’t forget to have fun with it. You’ll have a story to tell about this April Fool’s day. So don’t forget to leave me out, I’d love to hear about the pranks you played on your family and friends. Let’s share some giggles. Because that’s what April Fool’s day is all about.



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