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Everyone is looking forward to seeing the first buds of spring bloom as the ground thaws after a long and cold winter!

Spring promises to bring sunshine, bright colours, and warm temperatures. But, no matter how nice the weather is outside, it’s difficult to get into the holiday spirit if your home is gloomy. So, let’s get your interiors out of the winter rut with these new, fun, and low-cost DIY decor projects because it’s high time we get out of the pandemic mode and set foot in a fresh, hopeful new year with a  BANG! 

  1. Cute DIY Mason Jars: 

How many times have you ordered Tiramisu and then struggled to get rid of those pretty little jars? Let’s paint them in vibrant pastels like light azure, creamy mint or whimsy yellow and fill them with fresh flowers from the garden this Spring. These painted mason jar vases are simple to make and will make a lovely spring or Easter decoration for the dining table, as well as a cute and inexpensive homecoming gift! 

All you need to do to get these pretty little jars is to paint them in colours as you may, and pull around a few strings and sequences here and there, and Voila! 

Your Pretty-Little-Mason Flower Vase is good to go:  

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2. Throw Blankets and Florals: 

As it can still be a little chilly in early spring, keeping a throw blanket handy in your living room is a good idea just in case you feel the chills. In this setting, a plaid blanket over an off-white sofa combined with a floral cushion cover makes for a cozy book reading corner.  

3. Blue Ginger Jars

The arrival of spring means longer days and more social gatherings. It’s best to put your best foot forward when it comes to cutlery. And what’s better than our Indian Heritage? More of it! These Jaipur Blue Pottery Jars are widely available and make for a visually appealing Jar set in which you can store anything from pickles to Pringles. If blue isn’t your colour, you can always personalise the ceramic Jars.

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4. Spray Bottle Wall Art –

This one makes for a fun activity for the kids in the house, and at the same adds sprinkles to your hallway. This chic DIY wall art is as basic as it gets. Simply apply random colors  in a pattern you like  on a blank white canvas. Prop up the canvas vertically, then liberally spray it with water, allowing the paint to drip down. When the surface is dry, apply gold or silver leaf to it with leaf adhesive and a small detail paintbrush, and you’re done! You now have a brand-new piece of custom artwork to be hung  or framed for a more streamlined appearance.

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5. Herb Garden on the Window

Those beautiful kitchen gardens are bound to be on your ‘Home-Bucket-List’ if you are a Bollywood Junkie like me. While the increasing industrialization makes it all seem like a distant dream, we could at least add some pots to the cooking space. It may appear perplexing, but hear me out (actually, read):

Windows are placed not only for ventilation but also for decoration.

Replace your old window treatments and add some green to your kitchen with this lovely and functional window herb garden. You can easily grow some corianders in this one. 

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6. Up-cycled Chocolate Box tray:

Why box up or throw away holiday decorations when they can be repurposed as stylish home decor? An empty Valentine’s Day chocolate box can be transformed into a chic living room tray with some paint and a sheet of pretty craft paper.oeNy ruwhv2SQR5LKMjvh1wOOxRSFXBraUAI3ZB5OnOxFnWcHHT37dCemMJC89lVXnHBoxSR6UneM79g9W3E195sS2epQxjuzcKVxoNKpFi84xvQTEmTM3yJUteQe SYtytcDoqJ

7. Hand-Painted Cushion Covers: 

The change of seasons is a great time to refresh your décor. If you’re thinking about replacing your throw pillows, try these brushstroke cushion covers. You can easily upcycle your old cushion covers into these modern, geometric, and colourful covers by using acrylic paint. They make for a lovely kids room decor as they add vibrancy and creativity to the atmosphere. 


8. Hanging Jars: 

Who doesn’t want to display their flower and garden collection? Those dewy blossoming flowers that fall out for you to decorate your beautiful homes with. Given the time constraints hither and thither, here’s a simpler solution: Make these easy hanging vases with nothing more than twine and miniature jars. And hang them in the hallway or by that cozy reading corner. This hack adds a sense of belongingness to those edgy corners which are often left out.  

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I hope you enjoyed these spring home decor ideas and found them helpful as you prepare your home for the quarter! Spring is the most cheerful season, and it’s always a joy to celebrate the blooming of flowers and the longer, sunnier days after a long and chilly winter! 

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