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As if the prospect of marrying a man you’ve never met before wasn’t intimidating enough! And, of course, your parents believe he is the best choice for you. Every girl who marries in a traditional Indian arranged marriage must find ways to get to know her partner better. Before she marries, she must understand his likes and dislikes as well as the way his mind works. Knowing him thoroughly provides her with the security and peace of mind that she made the right decision. 

I’ve always thought that when you first meet the ONE, butterflies will fly, dreamy bubbles will fill the air, and music will play in the background. Except that nothing like this ever occurs. Sigh. So, how do we know this is the real deal, the one you’ve been looking for your entire life? Who would you want to spend the rest of your life with? Things become even more complicated when an arranged marriage is involved. While you can never be certain, the universe will always provide some hints. 

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Continue reading to learn about 10 signs that he is the ONE for you.

1. Follow your instincts!

This may appear to be superficial, but it is not. Your gut instinct will tell you how far this one will go, and if it flutters “eternal,” go ahead and jump on board.

2. You can be yourself

 And he’s fine with this authentic, unpretentious you. If he thinks you’re just as beautiful without makeup and without being “made up” in your personality, he’s a keeper.

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3. You can laugh alongside him

A sense of humour is an essential component of any relationship, and its importance grows with time. What could be better than being able to laugh with him from the bottom of your heart? That’s when you know your life is going well.

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4. Egos are given a break

We all have egos and sometimes we work them hard, but do you keep them to the side when you’re around each other? Is ladkewale and ladkiwale such a big deal as some make it out to be? If you ask yourself these questions, the answers will reveal whether or not he is the one!

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5. Efforts are being made

Is he making as much of an effort as you are to start a conversation, keep one going, or dress up to go out? Because that will demonstrate how much either of you wants the show to continue. And that effort will determine whether or not it is worthwhile to stick with him.

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6. You feel secure.

That doesn’t mean he has to be some macho Rambo dude, just that his presence makes you feel safe and loved… Awww!

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7. He observes

He is not arrogant or self-centred (or full of crap in his head). He notices you and how you feel and does something small (or large) to make you feel special. Then simply go for it.

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8. He completes you

You know that empty feeling we all get from time to time? If he fills it with love, light, and happiness, you know he’s the one!

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9. Those gazes

A lot will be written about that lovely couple – the love, the yearning, the delight within. You’ll know for sure if you can find a piece of your soul in them.

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10. You love him a little bit.

Your heart will flutter and fall for him as a helpless romantic. You’ll just know when you meet him, as they say!

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Finally, both parties must show mutual respect, consent, and understanding; only then can a marriage be maintained. I hope this article gave you a little insight on how you can decide whether he’s the one or not. If he’s not, move on and look for someone that is suitable for your well being, someone that doesn’t dull your light but instead brightens it.

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