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Ting tong! Yet another wedding season is here. Congratulations to all those beautiful brides-to-be who are getting married this time. For us girls, often, deciding to get married and finding a partner may seem like a herculean task but not tougher than getting ready for marriage. Big fat or simple, marriage functions are bulky and no bride in this world would prefer to show off any lesser than a princess.

Finalising the outfit for each function, the makeup look, hair, theme, what colour to choose…… OMG! We will bow down if you are not exhausted already. Relax! Why are we here for? Let me list out ten fashion tips you should never fail to take note of before marriage:

Your outfit should not overpower you!

Image credit: Wedding Sutra

Remember, you should be wearing the outfit, not the other way around. You should match the diversity and fancy that Indian weddings bring about, and choose different types of outfits for each function. I mean you can’t be wearing sarees for all your functions! Be vibrant and pick the outfit that is best suited for your body and mood. You can choose traditional wear for traditional functions and bang-on clothes for the wedding party. For your d-day, whether it is a saree or lehenga or gown that you have finalised, wear it very neatly so that your attire should complement your body. Never compromise your comfort! It’s your day, dress for yourself and fiercely radiate your personality through your clothes.

Play with colours

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Screengrab/ Instagram

Even though elegant, be mindful that red is not the only colour, the whole colour palette is waiting for you! Alia didn’t pick red bro and nor did new-age brides. I mean you can always choose red, but be experimental if required. Pink, Pastels, Blue, and Orange are rocking colours making news these days. Go for diverse colours each day. Play around with different colour combinations for your outfit and accessories. I am sure you will pick a good one in accordance with your skin complexion and personality. 

Follow a skin and hair care routine 

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Image credit: iStock

Your wedding look is incomplete without healthy-looking hair and glowing skin. Whatever you put on, your skin and hair should be prepared beforehand to accommodate them without any hassle.  Although skin care is a habit you should have nurtured much earlier, it is not too late to start one now. Schedule your facial, waxing etc. ahead of time at a trustworthy salon near you. Pay high diligence to the products they are using as skin damage is the worst thing you could come across at the moment. You can apply face packs according to your preference and radiance. Let your hair care routine also go hand in hand with your skin prep.

Subtle and clean makeup 

image 1
Image credit: ANI

It is also a time to celebrate your natural beauty. Your makeup should highlight the strong features of your face and it is good if it can hide some imperfections too. Never wear makeup that overshadows your personality, rather it should reflect it. Minimal make-up is in trend now. Makeup is of no use if it doesn’t complement your costume and jewellery. Get the booking of your favourite makeup artist without fail and do share your priorities and ideas with them beforehand. 

You should smell good

image 2
Image credit: Wedding Wire

We all agree, although a dream day, a wedding day is a mess. It is so hectic that it is critical to keep up your energy and a good mood throughout. This is where your signature perfume comes in handy. You can’t deny the fact that a good smell is a mood lifter and makes you feel fresh all day long. Don’t experiment with your perfume this time, stick to your all-time favourite, since you can’t risk catching headaches from your perfume.

Appropriate hairstyle

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Image credit: Vogue

From the wide array of hairdos like buns, waves, curls, braids and top knots, you can choose one that goes well with your outfit and makeup. Stick to subtle hair accessories or flowers, you don’t have to look like a garden! Although it is often said that it is not a good idea to leave your hair open during the wedding, if you have a good hairstylist in your hand, nothing matters. Try to do different hairstyles for each function, I am sure you will love it when the pictures are out!

Balance it with your accessories

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Screengrab/ Instagram

From jewellery to your shoe, don’t leave any stone unturned. If you have finalised the outfit and makeup, it is easy to pick your pieces of jewellery that make sense together. Mix and match accessories, there is no rule that says colours need to be the same as your dress. Remember, if you are going for a subtle outfit, pick heavy jewellery and vice versa. Wearing a comfortable and matching shoe, is one thing you can’t ignore at any cost.

Fitting matter!

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Image credit: The Mirror

All the above said tips apart, the fitting of your outfit and accessories is of grave importance for you to slay. If you are wearing a soggy, ill-tailored outfit, no accessories, and no makeup can ever help you shine your day. The fitting of your wearables should enhance the beauty of your body and face than killing it. Pay high regard to stitch your dress properly, it should not be itchy and stuffy either. 

Do not take Inner-wears for granted!

image 3
Image credit: Yahoo

No, you can’t compromise on things you are wearing inside. I can’t stress the importance of wearing comfortable and airy undergarments enough! It not only showers you with relief, but it is also an essential tool to flaunt your body confidently and beautifully. So do not forget to add the right kind of bra and panties of your preferred cloth material to your checklist.

Wear a smile 

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Screengrab/ Instagram

Last but not least, your smile! Darlings, It is the most precious piece of jewellery you should be wearing on your wedding day. If you mess up any of the above-mentioned things a smile is the only saviour you have. Be stress-free, enjoy the day as it is, trust your instincts, get hydrated, and be stunning as you always are.

Have a blast wedding!

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    Very nice

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      November 26, 2022

      Thank you! Stay tuned with us, more exciting blogs are on the way!

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