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Noticing changes in yourself and it’s worrying you? Yeah, who said it’s easy being a woman! Sometimes, it comes with a price and man!!!! It’s a heavy price!

Do you know, as a woman, there are 100s of changes that take place in your body that even you aren’t aware of! And if you are aware, you sometimes let it go, not thinking much of it, right! Lady, you cannot always ignore the red flags. Sometimes, it’s nature’s way of telling you that you need to think about yourself now!

For instance, many of you must be suffering from backache and neck ache, but must be ignoring it, thinking it’s nothing or maybe because you are exhausted so you must be feeling that kinda pain! But, there can be 100s of other reasons to it too! Yup! And it’s NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! One of the biggest reasons for these pains is HEAVY BREASTS! Uh-huh! Yes, breasts growing is normal for woman anatomy and they grow with your age.

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But Excessive Heavy Breasts are something to think about, because they can cause you much more pain than you think and much more trouble in your future life!

There are a lot of ways via which you can bring your Excessive Heavy Breasts under control. But what are the reasons for these growing breasts that’s causing you trouble? Let’s look into it and understand the real reasons!

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When you start noticing your weight gain, you should know that it must be causing you some issues. Obesity is not just weight gain, it is excessive weight gain that if ones goes out of control, becomes difficult to come back to the original figure. Because the female figure works entirely differently from that of male figure, obesity hits differently. It hits at uneven parts of the body. Obesity, when it hits your breasts, makes it bulge out a lot and makes it difficult for you to adjust with it.


Well, uneven menstrual cycle occurs, it occurs because of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to the Adipose Tissues and Glandular Tissues to expand and it leads to swelling in breasts which in other terms can also be described as EXCESSIVE HEAVY BREASTS. 

Just friendly advice, always visit the doctor the very first time you see that your menstrual cycle is getting uneven. It can save you a lot of treatments waiting for you in your near future.

What are some of the HOME REMEDIES via which you can always cure your heavy breasts? Why go for western medicines, when everything you want is available at home and with zero side effects! I always believe in Home Remedies because they assure you of no side effects but only good effects and positive results.


No one asks for heavy and excessive exercises. A normal workout but a PROPER AND REGULAR workout is all you need. Exercise helps you shed some weight and allow your muscles underneath your breasts to tighten and reduce the size of it. If you want to shed the weight a bit faster, then you can always opt for cardio!

Exercise goes a long way and helps you not only with heavy breasts but also it helps you with many other diseases and problems!

Be regular with whatever exercise you choose. Remember to be patient.

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Once you start losing weight, it will be the answer to many of your prayers. Even to reduce breast size, you should opt for losing weight. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is green tea. Green tea is considered to be a natural product that helps you burn fat. It helps you boost your metabolism and even gives you energy to survive throughout the day. Once your fat starts burning, it will help you in reducing the breast size as well. 

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This is my personal recommendation. Just like green tea, ginger is also an ingredient that helps you burn fats and boost up your metabolism. One of the differences between green tea and ginger is that ginger stimulates your fat burning process more as compared to green tea. You have an option of including ginger to your meals but for better effect, as per nutritionist, you can include ginger tea in your daily routine and have it thrice a day for better results. With it, always follow a proper diet.

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Egg Whites can be used as a mask on the breasts that’ll help you reduce your breast size without ruining its shape. To make an Egg White Mask, you have to-

  • Beat 2 egg whites until they form a foam.
  • Apply the foam on your breasts and leave it for 3o minutes.
  • Remove it with warm water.

Remember once the foam starts to get dry, you’ll see a natural firming of your skin. But that is happening, because egg white flakes off. It will be normal once you wash away. 


Apart from all these things, keep in mind to choose the right bra because if you choose extremely loose or extremely tight, it will not only change the shape of your breasts but will also affect the circulation. So choose the right clothes to wear that will make you feel confident!

Pro Tip- Do not try all the experiments all at once because you never know what ingredient mixing with what will create side effects. Try one remedy at once and if it doesn’t work out for you, jump to another. 

So what do you feel about these remedies? Hope these work for you! See you later with other tips soon! 


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