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Mothers are the only people in the planet who love their children unconditionally. They are willing to go to any length to ensure that their children have the finest possible existence and are not subjected to.

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Mother’s Day, which is observed on the second Sunday of May each year, is a modest way for us to commemorate and respect our mothers and their numerous contributions. What better way to spend Mother’s Day than by watching movies? Even if you’re apart, you may watch together on Zoom to make it feel like you’re together. I’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite Bollywood films that both mom and you would enjoy.

  1. Secret Superstar

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A strong mother goes despite her husband’s whims and fancies to assist her teenage daughter. She goes to every length to help her daughter pursue her passion while her father is violent. In fact, she abandons her husband in order to pursue her daughter’s goal.

Available on: Netflix 

  1. English Vinglish 

This charming film is the story of a mother who develops her confidence and learns to speak English. While her niece assists her in accomplishing something that few Indian women her age are expected to do, her husband and children disgrace her. But, the film teaches you the significance of connections and the importance of having faith in your ability. English Vinglish, starring Sridevi, is at the top of our list and should be at the top of yours as well if you haven’t seen it yet.

Available on: Amazon Prime & Zee5 

  1. Tribhanga 
tribhanga review social

Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy is a narrative of a family; three ladies, their hardships and goals. Tanvi Azmi plays Nayantara, an accomplished writer and Anuradha’s mother (enacted by Kajol). Anuradha, a Bollywood actor-dancer who is also a single mother, is as complex and ferocious as her mother. Mithali Palkar, who plays Masha (Anuradha’s daughter), is not like the other ladies in her family. She is a housewife who is willing to make any sacrifice to obtain the “normal” life she was denied.

Available on: Netflix

  1. We are Family 
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The Bollywood remake of Julia Roberts’ Stepmom, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kajol, may not have set the box office on fire, but it is an admirable attempt to depict blended families on the big screen.

Available on: Netflix 

  1. Badhaai Ho 

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Badhaai Ho, one of the most popular films starring Ayushmann Khurrana, depicts how a young man’s life is turned upside down when he learns that his mother is pregnant. Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao deliver outstanding performances. The film is full with laughter and heart… a fantastic family entertainer!

Available on: Hotstar 

  1. The Sky is Pink 
the sky is pink movie poster 2

This film, which is based on a true story, will make you cry. It revolves around a mother who goes to whatever length to save her child from a potentially fatal sickness. One of Priyanka Chopra’s better roles, in my opinion.

Available on: Netflix

  1. Dil Dhadakne Do 

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This is a stylish picture with all of the most well-known mainstream actors. On the surface, it’s about a wealthy family on a private cruise to Europe with some friends and friends of friends. But, if you look closely, you’ll notice there’s more to it, and when you do, you’ll be shocked and enlightened in a big way. Watch it for the romance between Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra’s quest for equal rights as a woman, and Aamir Khan’s voice-over, among other things.

Available on: Netflix 

  1. Hindi Medium 
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Any day is an excellent day to see any Irrfan Khan flick. The guy may have died too young, but he has left an unrivalled legacy of films that can make any day extraordinary. For Mother’s Day, watch Irrfan’s Hindi Medium, which was released in 2017 and discussed fundamental issues with our educational system and class differences.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video 

  1. Qarib Qarib Single 
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This is a very overlooked but absolutely stunning film. If your mother enjoys films without six-pack abs, fantasy, flying automobiles, posh bungalows, or over-the-top romance, Qarib Qarib Single is the film for her. The film, which stars Parvathy Thiruvothu alongside Irrfan, is a love story unlike any you’ve seen before.

Available on: Netflix 

  1. Thaapad 
movie thappad

Among the ‘essential’ films listed above, this Taapsee Pannu vehicle should be seen if you haven’t previously. Domestic violence is discussed in the film, and even one ‘thappad’ counts as abuse. In this film, director Anubhav Sinha has gently shown many aspects of a marriage connection, and your mother would appreciate such a sophisticated film.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video 

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All you have to do is set up your viewing area, get your popcorn tubs, and prepare to sit in front of the screen for the next three hours (or less). A truly amazing truth about this list is that it doesn’t have any name that you can link with regular overdramatic Bollywood movies that are replete with ‘maa tera beta aa gaya’-like heavy phrases. These films are lighthearted and upbeat. Some of these are noteworthy films that discuss equality and provide a better view on relationships.

Also, just in case you wish to make this day extra special, here are some ideas on what all can be done to make this mother’s Day extra special for you and your mom!!

P.S: Don’t forget to comment down below and let me know which one are you picking?

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