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Are you someone who reserves a seat for your handbags on your date? Or someone who can’t leave home if your bag doesn’t match your outfit?

Hello, my crazy bag fanatics! This read is dedicated to your cravings.

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While every bag is essential, a women’s handbag could be a statement piece.

Contemplating buying a branded bag? We understand what keeps you at bay from taking action! Is it worth buying a bag this expensive? What if you don’t need the answer to this query. What if you can buy a designer bag for just under Rs.1500!

Ahhh! That could be a discussion, right?

We got you. Delivering a read on five trendy branded bags you can steal for just under Rs.1500. It’s time to upgrade your bag collection with some sporty bags!

Zouk geoOptics women office bag

You must have heard about this proud Indian brand which sells bags made of 100% PETA-approved Vegan products. This Stylish Geometric Pattern bag is one of their bestselling ones with sturdy and durable accessories, zip closure and double straps (non-adjustable). It has a padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop, perfect for office use.

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Click on the image for more details

Price: Rs.1499/-

Van Heusen- Mustard Yellow Solid Structured Shoulder Bag

This one will cater to your Bollywood diva dreams for sure. With a subtle yet trendy design, this mustard yellow solid shoulder bag has one main compartment, a button closure, 1 external pocket, and 2 inner pockets. And its one handle comes with a detachable sling strap.

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Click on the image for more details

Price: Rs.1079/-

FOREVER GLAM- White Quilted Bowling Bag

This, I would say, is a must-have addition to your bag collection with a one-of-a-kind design and elegance. This bag hosts two handles with smooth hardware details with a stunning stitch work pattern on the front.

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Click on the image for more details

Price: Rs.1259/-

Lavie-Afwaa Women’s Laptop Handbag

This one has a dual personality, as it is the best choice for office and casual use. Balancing style and practicality, this laptop bag by Lavie is quintessentially made for the modern woman with a classy finish and soft faux leather feel.

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Click on the image for more details

Price: Rs.1374/-

Caprese- Red Solid Sling Bag

This Caprese sling bag has got all the cool. This red solid bag with embellished detail has a button closure with 1 main compartment, 1 external, 3 inner pockets and a Non-Detachable Sling Strap.

Click on the image for more details

Price: Rs.1119/-

Remember bags aren’t necessarily for carrying your things around, if you could play the game right it could be your accessory and fashion statement. Now with only Rs.1500 in your pocket, you are ready to bag some compliments from your circle. 

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Cheers to making more excuses to buy more bags! If these affordable collections haven’t convinced you to replenish your bag gallery then we doubt what will! 

Ladies, that’s it for today, we will meet tomorrow with yet another useful read tailor-made for your needs. Till then shop more, slay more.

PS: Prices are subject to change


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