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We adore how an eyeshadow palette can provide us with a brief burst of inspiration. Don’t you think so? Something about eye makeup palettes entices you to pick one up and channel your dormant inner artist. After all, why not when the end result can lift your spirits and make you appear more glam and less meh? Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to dip your toes, the makeup industry has something for everyone.

Makeup is an expensive hobby, and finding one that meets your needs and your budget can be complex. Eye shadow is one of the most essential parts of a makeup routine because it can easily make or break a look. It’s challenging to find reasonably priced palettes, highly pigmented, smooth, and blend easily. To help my Lazy tribe while also looking out for their pockets, I have curated a list of some absolutely stunning palettes for you to choose from, all in under 1000 BUCKS!!! 


If you’re just getting started with eye shadows and don’t want to experiment too much, keep it simple. This is a palette you should keep an eye out for! Its neutral earthy tones blend in perfectly, giving you a chic, streamlined appearance with minimal effort! The palette comes with 12 neutral, nude shades in matte and shimmer finishes. This is perfect for anyone looking for some basic eye shadows, especially if you’re a working girl on the go.


Price: 875/-


Don’t be put off by the name; neon colours have graced the runways of Fashion Week and have been pulled off beautifully. If you like to spice up your eye shadow game with some bold and bright colours, this palette is for you. This palette is also ideal for transitioning your look from day to night. Choose from a variety of vibrant blues, yellows, greens, bright pinks, and other colours. This Summer/Spring get creative with various hues.

LA Girl

Price: 931/-

Here’s a tutorial to this amazing GREEN SMOKEY EYE-makeup look we recently created with the same palette that will help you get started with incorporating neons into your palette!


The SUGAR Cosmetics Eye Shadow Quads are a small subset of their Two Big Eye Shadow Palettes. Suppose you don’t want to purchase the entire palette and look for specific shades. In that case, you can opt for the quads, of which there are a total of 18 on the SUGAR Cosmetics Website. These shadows blend in beautifully without any fall-off and are easy to apply. The Colour pay-off is good, and it’s pigmented and soft.

SUGAR Eyeshadow

Price: 699/-


If you’re a big fan of Rosey pastels, this one’s for you! Faces Canada is one of the best brands for eye shadows on the market right now because of its non-chalky, easily blendable nature. The palette is available in two colours: nudes and rose. You can make your selection based on the amount of glitz you want in your life!

Faces Rose Palette

Price: 749/-


Nykaa’s back-to-back makeup launches continue to cause havoc in the Indian beauty industry! Their affordable eyeshadow palettes are one of their most underappreciated products, and they deserve more attention! The brand’s 12-in-1 eyeshadow palettes are available in five different shades, including my personal favourite, Peach Sorbet. All of the palettes’ shades have a lovely matte to shimmer finish. Nykaa also claims that they are waterproof and smudge-proof for up to 12 hours!

IMG 1726 2048x1365 1

Price: 1049/-

Do you know where one can get these? Don’t be concerned! I’ve got your back! Simply click on the image of your preferred palette and you’re done! You will be redirected to their respective websites!!

Perfectly blended eyeshadows are the key to precise looking eye makeup, which is impossible if your eyeshadows are chalky or not pigmented enough. As a result, you should always invest in a high-quality eyeshadow palette with pigmented and blendable shades, such as this well-loved palette from Sugar Cosmetics.

These were the best budget-friendly eyeshadow palettes available in India! I hope this list assisted you in locating the ideal palette for your needs. Anyone who claims that affordable eyeshadow palettes cannot provide the same level of quality as high-end palettes have most likely never visited this blog!

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