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Great restaurants, like great loves, are difficult to locate – but once you do, you realise it was well worth the wait. The globe may believe that Delhi is all about butter chicken (which they truly know how to cook), but the city has so much more to offer when it comes to placing some cuisine on your plate. From the ancient to the new, traditional to contemporary, heritage to hipster, glamorous fine-dining marvel to hole-in-the-wall bistro, Delhi is peppered with gastronomical checkpoints that place the city on the global map of cuisines.

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Is Delhi India’s culinary capital? We aren’t about to disagree with that sentiment. The soul of this massive place is intricately linked to its flavours, and visitors will not struggle to find something delicious to gorge on here. While I might not really like Delhi when it comes to pollution and cost of living, I am definitely in love with it when it comes to food. 

Haven taken you to the streets already for food. It’s time we sat down at a nice place with some good wine and dine! So, if you are in Delhi while reading this… Your weekend plans are on me! (well, just metaphorically). 

  1. Bukhara 

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Bukhara is unquestionably the mother of all true Indian food experiences. The famous (and enormous) hot naans and malai kebabs join the slow-cooked dal bukhara in delighting your palette. The earthy and rustic interiors also inspire you to eat with your hands.

Price Range: Rs. 5000 (for two people). 

  1. Olive Bar & Kitchen 

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Olive Bar & Kitchen, bathed in natural sunlight and shadowed by the Qutub, transports you to the bright regions of the Mediterranean right here in Mehrauli. The restaurant, like its Mumbai cousin, is a rustic refuge where wonderful food, laughter, culture, and conversation collide in a delightful melting pot. Chef Dhruv Oberoi’s European-style Sunday brunch and wood-fired thin-crust pizzas are worth a visit.

Price Range: Rs. 4000 (for two people) 

  1. Indian Accent 
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No list of the greatest restaurants in Delhi would be complete without Chef Manish Mehrotra’s Indian Accent. There are wonderful restaurants, and then there is this one. With numerous awards, including inclusion in the World’s 100 Best Restaurants of 2019 (at number 60). Indian Accent’s critically renowned ‘tasting menu’ deservedly places Delhi on the worldwide map of world cuisines. This fine-dining restaurant is a combination of rich flavours, developed recipes, and wine pairings, with an imaginative Indian menu with a contemporary twist (meetha aachari pork ribs and aamras mango cheesecake, anyone?). You should make a reservation since festivities don’t happen every day.

Price Range: Rs. 4500 (for two people). 

  1. Bo Tai 

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This wonderfully done rooftop restaurant and bar, arguably Delhi’s trendiest (and newest) venue, is swiftly becoming a favourite among locals. The picturesque Mehrauli café (the ethereal Qutub Minar is only around the corner) features an experimental Thai menu with some unusual must-tries like tamarind crab cakes.

Price Range: Rs. 3000 (for two people). 

  1. AnnaMaya 

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For good reason, this foodhall-style restaurant at Delhi’s eccentric and characterful Andaz is a city favourite. Not only do they host some of the most extensive and delectable Sunday brunches (think doughnut walls, live tandoor counters, and pancake and dosa stations) in the city, but their everyday menu also has some wonderful modern Indian cuisine. Amritsari Goat Milk Paneer Tikka, Muscovy Duck Seekh Kebab, Delhi’s Original Butter Chicken, and Linguine with Kerala Prawn Bisque are all must-order dishes. For the greatest effects, pair these with a house cocktail, and don’t forget to stop by the ever-changing dessert counter to select a delicious pie, carrot cake, or whatever’s new that day.

Price Range: Rs. 2500 (for two people) 

  1. Guppy 

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Guppy, AD Singh’s Asian enterprise, is continuously redefining Japanese cuisine beyond the usual plates of sushi. Chef Vikram Khatri’s menu is a sashimi feast of sashimi platters, #trending poke bowls, and small dishes of gyoza (with healthy gluten-free and vegan options throughout). Its main draw, though, is the Belgian Pork Belly (glazed with soy honey and mustard miso dipping sauce). We’d also ask for second helpings of their full ramen bowls without hesitation. Guppy’s décor, like its flavours, is bright and whimsical, making the Asian eatery great for a romantic date night or a large birthday bash. The Ramen burger is a one-of-a-kind item.

Price Range: Rs. 2500 (for two people) 

  1. Rustom’s 

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Aside from mutton dhansak and delicious salli boti, this popular Parsi diner serves home-style bhonu. Rustom’s may have changed locations in the last year, but the ITO outlet preserves the flavours and familiarity of its predecessor. With Parsi memorabilia adorning the walls and inside the glass-topped tables, we feel quite at home devouring platters of berry pulao with homemade (rather than bottled) raspberry soda. The caramel custard is the icing on the cake.

Price Range: Rs. 2500 (for two people) 

  1. Spice Route 

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The Imperial’s Silk Route, designed by Rajeev Sethi, is both an architectural masterpiece and a culinary trip through the spices of South East Asia. The fine-dining experience, adorned with an oriental pagoda, a luxurious courtyard setting, and hand-painted murals by painters from a little village in Kerala, stands alone with favourites such as roast duck Beijing style, Qing Jiao lamb, sweet chilli crab, and the amazing lobster tail. If you don’t want to come here for the delicious South East Asian food, come for the breathtaking photo opportunities.

Price Range: Rs. 5000 (for two people) 

  1. Sevilla – The Claridges 

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Sevilla at The Claridges Hotel redefines refinement with a combination of Spanish, Italian, and Mediterranean delicacies presented in this artistically appealing restaurant. A modest pavilion wrapped in billowing white curtains gives this location a romantic air, making it ideal for a romantic anniversary supper with bae. For a truly satisfying lunch, pair their fine wine collection with their Non-Veg Tapas Gambas Del Chorizo, Calamares, Spelt Paella, and Bacalao Bianco.

Price Range: Rs. 3500 (for two people) 

  1. The Hong Kong Club 

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The stunning Hong Kong Club is located within Andaz and offers large open spaces as well as Cantonese cuisine that will have you ordering seconds. This elegant and futuristic restaurant is always buzzing with activity, from live jazz music to DJs and live bands filling in the gaps. They add to the fun with Chinese Zodiac-inspired cocktails, which you should try before diving into fantastic meals like their crystal dumplings, Classic Barbeque Pork Bao, and The King Crab & Crispy Noodles!

Price Range: Rs. 3500 (for two people) 

  1. Plum by Bent Chair

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Do you like the cool décor at Plum by Bent Chair? You can purchase it! At the new Aerocity hospitality precinct near to Delhi airport, this sophisticated new retail restaurant blends food and shopping. It’s possible that this is India’s most Instagrammable eatery. Everything in sight is yours to keep, from the flatware to the wall paintings. So, before you fly, leave some room in your suitcase! The exquisite pan-Asian food and inventive beverages are also well-received. The hours of operation are from midday to 1 a.m. everyday.

Price Range: Rs. 2200 (for two people) 

  1. Yellow Brick Road 

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Yellow Brick Road at the Taj Ambassador Hotel in Khan Market has a friendly house vibe made with antique advertising posters and country-style furniture and is open all night, so you never go hungry. It’s recognized as one of Delhi’s top multi-cuisine restaurants, so you can expect some wonderful Indian and international comfort food, including all-day breakfasts.

Price Range: Rs. 3500 (for two people)  

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The National Capital has so many places to visit that it can’t be covered in one blog. So if you like this one and would like me to do a continuation of the same, don’t forget to leave a comment below! 

P.S: if you are broke like me but still don’t wish to compromise on good food, follow the link below for some of the best Street food places in Delhi! 


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