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Isn’t it true that a new season necessitates a new haircut? Make one of these five trendy hairstyles rain-proof for your monsoon look.

The rainy season is approaching, and it’s time to break out those bright umbrellas and rock that windcheater you’ve been saving for the occasion. But, before you hit the drenched streets and dance in the rain, perhaps it’s time to get a haircut to welcome the new season and complete your look.

 While we all enjoy the rain, the humidity and constant moisture can take a toll on our hair and cause significant hair damage. These three words perfectly describe the state of our hair during the monsoon season: frizzy, messy, and damaged.

Celebrity Style: 5 Hairstyles For Monsoon Season

 Most of us don’t have time to spend styling our hair, so keep it simple and easy with these 5 cool hairstyle ideas for monsoon season.

1. Jahnvi Kapoor’s messy up do 

 For a messy Y2K-inspired look, make a middle part, gather your hair, and tie it loosely with an elastic band. Then, to finish your bun, pin your loose strands in place and tease out a few wisps in the front. The key is not to be too exact—if pieces fall out, use that to your advantage.

2. Priyanka Chopra’s Space Buns

Priyanka Chopra experimented with space buns, a ’90s trend that has resurfaced. She even paired it with period accessories, such as chunky gold jewellery and oversized sunglasses, to tie it all together. Make a middle part in your hair and tie it up in two high pigtails. Then, knot them and tease a few strands out in front, or leave it sleek if you don’t want hair in your face.

3. Ananya Pandey’s Messy Ponytail

Avoid sleek updos and embrace the weather with Ananya Panday’s approved undone ponytail. Add a quick spritz of dry shampoo to create the texture and wispiness, and for an extra boost of volume, turn your head upside down and tease the hair from the crown upwards with a hairbrush. Then, apply a hair serum to your hands and finger comb your hair into a high ponytail, smoothing flyaways as you go.

4. Madhuri Dixit’s Textured Bun

This textured hairstyle will work with whatever you have on your schedule, whether it’s an intimate wedding celebration or a Zoom meeting. Scrunch your hair with your preferred texturizing product. Then, using your fingers, backcomb your hair on top to create volume and layers, and create a low bun, allowing the ends to hang a couple of inches out of your elastic band. Toss out a few more strands and spray them back in place to create the illusion of naturally textured layers.

5. Sonam Kapoor’s Sleek Bun

Want to keep everything neat, slicked-down, and out of your face and neck? A straightforward bun is always a good choice. Smooth out any flyaways with a mixture of styling gel and hair spray before tying your hair into a pony. Then, knot your pony and twist your hair up in an S shape, securing the end with pins on top of your head. Smooth out any texture with hairspray.

What will be your new go-to hairstyle? Please let us know in the comments section. For more information on what hairstyles look good for your face shape, check out this blog.

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