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Earlier this year, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt dropped a bombshell by tying the knot after dating for 5 years. The couple turned the spotlight on themselves yet again with a surprising announcement. Guess what? Yaaas! Alia Bhatt is PREGNANT! The mom-to-be made the pregnancy announcement via Instagram, blessing our feeds with a picture of her lying down with a bright look and a broad smile, in the company of her husband, Ranbir Kapoor. The couple are seen taking a look at the ultrasonogram at the hospital. On the second slide, she added a picture of a lion family in their element, bonding with each other. There’s no doubt that the Kapoors are gonna be one fierce family as well! 

She wrote in her post,  “Our baby ….. coming soon ♾❤️✨”.

Check it out here: 

With this news floating around, it’s now the right time to shed light on everything and anything one needs to know about the first trimester. Ladies, with a bun in the oven, this is for you. Mommy up! 

What’s a first trimester?

Let’s start from the top! Pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters, and the first one dates from the 1st day of your last period to the end of the 3rd month. Since it’s the dawn of your pregnancy phase, you will encounter a series of changes, some of which you might notice  and some of which are concealed from you. There are high chances of light bleeding or spotting, breast tenderness, vaginal discharge etc. But there’s nothing to worry about; you are creating life within you and certain things are bound to happen.

Certain indications during the first trimester

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At the very beginning of your pregnancy, your body might feel alien to you. It will seem like it isn’t taking into consideration that you are the body-keeper and function in a way completely out of your control. Take deep breaths because that’s how it’s gonna be until your little one’s out.

  • Morning sickness: This is one the worst you can come across, because who wants to wake up and feel nauseous. It isn’t required to happen only in the mornings and might hit at any part of the day.  
  • Mood swings: Your hormones play a big part in your pregnancy, and hence, it has the upper hand in messing with your mood. Any imbalances in hormone levels can bring about a rush of emotions, trigger mood swings, and get you all crabby.
  • Weight fluctuations: While some enjoy devouring food, for others, the sight of food itself will drive away the appetite. Losing and gaining weight is ordinary in the course of pregnancy. Focus on maintaining a definite weight that is good enough for you to carry your baby. 

What’s cooking inside your womb?

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In the first trimester, your baby is just a fertilized cell. The tiny bean comes into being with the passing weeks, developing its body organs and functional systems. Formation of bones, hair, nails, well-developed digestive system. heart, brain sense of touch, taste and most importantly the beating of the heart.

A guide for moms-to-be in their first trimester 

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Now that a living thing is growing inside you, it’s high time you change your lifestyle. 


  • The way you walk, eat, and even sleep is going to be determined by your unborn baby.
  • It is crucial that you create a safe environment for your lil bundle of joy. 
  • Boost your bodily functions with extra vitamins and add more nutrition to your diet. Remember, you are eating for two. 
  • A common misconception is that you shouldn’t move a muscle during pregnancy. But you don’t necessarily have to cut down on your fitness routine. By that, I don’t mean to carry out strenuous gym sessions but basic walking, stretching and the like. Take confirmation from your doctor, as each body differs in its functioning. 
  • With every do’s come don’ts as well, and the list of things to avoid are consumption of alcohol, processed food, caffeine, smoking cigarettes and the like, etc.
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With every discomfort you experience, keep reminding yourself that better days are coming. But pregnancy is not just about mood swings, swollen feet, and fatigue. There’s also a brighter side to it where you can talk to the baby (as it develops its hearing in its 18th week) and it will converse right back with its tiny foot kicks, rub your belly and bond with your little one, and a lot more. Most of all, when you hold the baby in your hands for the first time, it’s a priceless moment and every tear you shed, every ache and pain you encounter will disappear into the thin air. Wait for your magical moment! (baby coos)

If you enjoy snacking during pregnancy, here are 5 healthy snack recipes for you!

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