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Kalire Aspirations For Your Indian Wedding

Context: Don’t we all wish for a tiny piece of kalire to fall on us? I know, I know, this is a Punjabi ritual, but it is a trend now.

I recall buying a kalire for my wedding to add a fun element to the wedding rituals. While I was on a shopping spree, a few kalire designs caught my attention – sharing those designs with you.

The floral version with metal strings are good, aren’t they? They look pretty, and the job is done well. This is the best pick for someone who wants to tweak the traditional style.

Fake Floral Kalire
Photo courtesy: Prune India
Fake Floral Kalire
Image courtesy: Prune India

The light metal chandeliers look pretty, but they’ll be like “get me a lehenga.” Pick this if you want to get keep it minimal, but don’t want to spend too much on it.

Traditional Kalire

The three-layered pearl chandeliers, so dreamy… Opt for this style as it’s easier to match these with your outfit or jewellery designs.

Pearl Chura Kalire

Floral kalire with real flowers – Who is calling the dibs on these? Aren’t they perfect? Lightweight, gorgeous and doesn’t mess with your outfit. Pick this if you are someone who likes to experiment and want to forge a unique style statement.

Floral Kalire
Image courtesy: Marisol torres

Tell us which one you would like to pick for yourself…

Fun fact: It is said that kalires represent hopes of prosperity for the bride’s new life. As a ritual, the kalires are tied by her siblings and loved ones to share blessings and good luck. Back in time, kalires were made up of either gold or silver or with strings of dry fruits like coconuts, fox nuts, and more. Once the wedding is concluded – the bride offers one of her kalire at the temple and one she will keep with her to cherish her past memories.

Pro tips: Avoid buying the type with pointed edges or lots of metal wires, chances are they will ruin the outfit by clinging.

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