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With Diwali on head, are you looking for something unique to slay the day? Do you also wanna try something that will not only be breath-taking but also will leave people speechless?

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Well, we are back with spic & span ideas this Diwali season to make this day as spectacular as it can ever get! Never hang back to try something new whenever you get a chance! What’s that saying again, “CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT”, right? Time to apply it in real life as well!



A trend that never goes out of fashion.! When it comes to Diwali, it’s a month that is neither too cold nor too hot. So you want something that’ll keep you warm but not too warm. Lehengas are always your go-to dress! But, ever wondered how you can substitute with the existing style? How can you use your old lehenga in a new style? So, Opt for shirts with Lehenga. Weird? No, not at all! Lehenga along with shirts is totally in! Once you opt for this outfit this Diwali, trust me, there is no going back.

So, what do you think?

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The best way to celebrate any festival is by wearing the most comfortable clothes. Diwali is a time when you would want not only comfortable dress but also something that gives out the best “Festival-Vibe”, isn’t it? So, you can always try Embroidered Georgette Suits. They don’t only look elegant but also are extremely enjoyable. TRIED & TESTED, bub!

When it comes to what colors & combinations you can try, go for Peacock Blue, Pista Green with mirror work, Beige, Pastel Pink with Sequins, etc. These are the colors that look lovely on every skin tone and totally will make your look slay, ANYDAY!

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Fun Fact- Jackets are one of those clothing that can go with any and every attire, that is, may it be western, may it be Indian, may it be Short dresses or long gowns.

So, this Diwali, you can definitely try Long Jackets along with Palazzo Pants. Always try new combination colors when you are trying jackets. Try lighter color jackets with dark color palazzos. And you are good to go!


Oh Well!!!!! Can anything beat Sarees? No, right! Sarees are the most elegant, popular and comfortable outfits ever! When in confusion, always opt for a saree. Nothing can stand on the traditions scale. Saree holds the power of making a girl look the prettiest girl on this Earth. Opt for any color, any fabric, it’ll literally be the best! Go ahead!


You must have heard that dupatta is a true Indian & traditional giveaway BUT, did you know, you can even carry the traditional vibe without the dupatta as well? Some of you might find it very common but some of you would be wondering how we can do that…. Now this is where it gets interesting! Choose long kurtis along with contrasting leggings. Long kurtis help you in more than one way. They are not only comfortable but also they are damn sexy! With long kurtis, you can accessorize well and always leave your hair open.

Do try & tell us how your experience was!

Whatever you dress up in, always remember to accessorize well because Festival Outfits & Accessories go hand-in-hand! With the lightest dress, heavy accessories do wonders… So do try and KEEP EXPERIMENTING! 

Wishing you & your family a very safe and a Happy Diwali! Have the best one ever!

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