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Please prepare yourself for smooth glowing skin!

Is flawless skin too much to ask for? Here’s the thing: Getting rid of dark spots, acnes and uneven skin tone has always ranked suuuper high on my priorities list. There is a famous saying “You are what you eat”. But our skin demands more than a healthy diet. I have finally found some hacks that worked wonders for me. Now it’s safe to say that the flawless, blemish-free and acne-free skin that all women desire for is no longer a dream but a reality.

Here are some brilliant beauty tips to get a glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

Remove your Makeup

Makeup is something we use to look more beautiful, isn’t it? But do you know this same makeup can be harmful to the skin if you don’t remove it at night? Facial skin is susceptible, and, it needs lots of care. Wearing makeup all day isn’t right!

Remove your Makeup for healthy skin
Image Courtesy: India.com

Pro Tip – Remove your make with your favourite makeup remover and cleanse it properly for flawless skin in the morning.

Protection from the Sun

The Sun’s rays are useful to us but only in early morning hours. Too much exposure to the Sun can make your skin tanned and wrinkled. We need Vitamin D for our body, but harmful UV rays can damage your skin. 

Protection from the Sun
SPF Protection
Image Courtesy: Vichy.co.uk

Beauty Tip: Use a sunscreen and wear a hat or a scarf or take an umbrella whenever you go out in the Sun.

The air we breadth

Day by day, our cities are getting polluted and going outside in this chemical environment is not good. The same air is carried to our home. Diffusing essential oils can help freshen up and cleanse your home environment.

healthy eating for skin
Healthy glowing skin
fresh air for healthy skin
Image Courtesy:Dailycal

Pro Tip: Lemon, tea-tree, rosemary, lavender are a few oils which have anti-bacterial properties and helps to refresh your home.

Junk Food

Isn’t Samosa, French fries, golgappa and other street food delicious to eat? But at the same time, they are harming your body and skin. They not only slow down the blood circulation but also clogs the pores and in return, damages your skin.

healthy eating for skin
Healthy glowing skin
avoid junk food for beautiful skin
Image Courtesy: Errorofmyweighs

Pro Tip: Eat homemade food, fresh juices, and lots of fruits and vegetables for healthy and glowing skin.


We all love beverages but is something we need to avoid. Coffee has caffeine in it, which is diuretic and causes your body to lose water. Therefore, your skin seems dehydrated.

healthy eating for skin
Healthy glowing skin
avoid coffee for beautiful skin
Image Courtesy: Times of India

Pro Tip: Take coconut water, fresh fruits, and vegetable juice to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a must for glowing skin.

Canned food

Packaged food in the form of power or in cans is a more comfortable choice when it comes to cooking but at the same time, it’s unhealthy. These food contain preservatives, sodium and bisphenol that make our skin look dry and bloated.

healthy eating for skin
Healthy glowing skin
avoid canned food for beautiful skin
Image Courtesy: Literian

Pro Tip: Eat fresh foods and vegetables, tofu, soya milk for a healthy lifestyle.

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