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Who doesn’t want to create their own Fashion trend! Being a show stopper is what everyone wants, right!!!! Well, I know I do! With this festive season on head, it’s time to create a historic look. A look that won’t go unnoticeable. Since we believe that this year has brought changes, let’s bring changes in our Fashion/Dressing as well!

Here are some amazing combinations you can go for this Festive Season.

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The combination of Mustard Yellow and Emerald Green looks best for festivals. Especially when these colors are used with Shararas and Crop Tops. Advantage of the Yellow color is that it is vibrant and can go with every skin tone. As for EMERALD GREEN, being the darker shade, it enhances your body shape into the perfect look! Create your own fusion with Mustard Yellow and Emerald Green!


You can efficiently channel the Night Sky for any evening occasion with Blue and Gold! You can add your own touch of style with this phenomenal combo! This combo can easily be used with Indo-Western designs and icing on the cake is, you can slay the look with both, gold and silver jewellery. 

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Pinks are a strong option to design with green. Seafoam being a lighter shade, sets itself with almost every color. But to be unique and to create something extraordinary, while choosing Seafoam Green goes with the shade of red, and even more specifically, shades of pink. You can try Fuchsia or Bubblegum Pink with Seafoam Green to build something sophisticated & something as pleasant as the festival of Rakshabandhan.

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Shocked? Mint Green is kind of rare in dresses, isn’t it! But, little did you know that Mint Green along with “No- Make-Up” makeup look goes best for any festival. This contemporary color evokes a sense of exclusiveness and uniqueness for the festival you choose to wear this on. For a better look, choose this color with Anarkali suits or Indian Jumpsuits. This will help you choose the jewellery even better. Oh! And don’t forget, let your hair be loose with soft curls. If you are looking for something extremely different, you should definitely go for this color!

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Sounds offbeat? But trust me on this, Grey and Peach looks stunning when dressed into Indo-Western and Knee-Length Kurtas. People think Grey is a dull color and can’t be used to dress up on festivals, but when combined with the right color, a dull grey can make you look elegant! Might we suggest combining it with Peach? It creates a balanced color and is ultra stylish! Let’s go comfortable and jump to this combo!


It is said that the yellow and white combination is considered as one of the most deadliest combinations ever! This is the most famous in India because Yellow and White goes with all styles, may it be Long Suits, Short Suits, Kurtis, Plazos with Crop tops or long ones, and whatnot! Yellow being the vibrant color as always and white being a serene color, brings out a girl into one of the most amazing looks there ever can be! 

To make this look even better than it already is, you can always choose oxidised jewellery! You can thank me later! 😛

While choosing any dress, make sure that you choose the right colors to go with your personality. Not every color is made for everyone. But then there are some colors in which no one can slay better than you! Let’s make this festival more magnifeco’ than it already is going to be! 

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Bonne Chance!!!!!!!

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