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Getting a grasp of your face shape is necessary as most of the styling processes revolve around it. From makeup to haircuts to picking out eyewears like sunglasses, the shape of your face plays a major role in all of these.  If you are puzzled about what face shape you have, here’s a quick guide : it relies on the width of your cheekbone, jawline, forehead and the length of your face. The widest facial feature from the above list, determines your face shape. If your cheekbones are the widest, you might have a round face, if it’s your jawline you prolly have a square or a rectangular face and oval-shaped faces usually have a wide forehead.  

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Now that you have a basic understanding around face shapes, let’s dive right in. Here are some haircuts that will compliment your face shape.

1. Round face:

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People with round faces usually go on and on about how the structure of their face makes them look plumpier. They constantly desire for a chiseled face with more prominent facial features. But what if I tell you, your haircut can do the trick !? Yes, you heard me right. All you need to do is to make your hair look bouncy and voluminous at the crown followed by a decent length below. This will help slim down your face. 

Haircuts: Face framing layers with the length hitting just below the chin is the best bet. If you are a fringe-person, side swept fringes are advisable compared to blunt cuts. 

2. Square face: 

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Square face shapes are similar to round ones but with a more angled jawline and a sculpted chin.While they are more photogenic in nature, they still need to fix their strong jawline which usually stands out of proportion from the rest of their facial features. The focus of volume must be drawn towards the bottom of the face and not the crown. Shoulder length hair is ideal as it covers the jawline and frames the face.

Haircuts:  A short layered bob brings out the cheekbones and draws attention away from the wider jawline. Long layers with the first one starting from the chin and the rest clustered towards the end is perfect for a square face. 

3. Oval face:

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While other face shapes have a constricted choice of haircuts and hairstyles,  an oval face can pull off any look. But they must still take into consideration their slightly wide forehead and the length of their face and fair volume of hair added to the centre will play it’s part in bringing out the perfect look.

Haircuts: Lobs or long bob with shoulder length waves will deliver a softened look. An option for short hair would be side-swept pixie or cropped pixie which is a great fit for oval faces. 

4. Diamond face:


Pointy chin and high cheekbones with narrow jawline and forehead make up a diamond face. The main focus is to downplay the prominent cheekbones and this can be achieved with long (shoulder length) wavy hair which gives a sophisticated look and a side part will also help in balancing it out.

Haircuts: Long bob with side part or lengthy layers add a volume boost and provide a flattering look. 

Your hair is a natural accessory, hence it is of chief- importance to set it right. After all life is too short to have boring hair.  Follow the hair styling tips, get that haircut and flaunt it girl !!

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