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Maharashtrian brides are beautiful, simple and yet intriguing with the nuances of the culture that distinguishes her from other brides

Out of all the different regional weddings in India, Maharashtrian weddings is about rituals that are simple yet vibrant.

The celestial looks of Marathi brides unfailingly bewitch us to no ends. The Paithani sarees definitely lend them a distinct look, but more than that, it is their unique jewellery pieces that add quintessential traditional aesthetics to the Marathi bride’s overall appearance. 

We would like to draw your attention to the adornments that make a Marathi bride look charming and exquisite.


The first noticeable adornment that sets a Marathi bride apart from others is Mundavalya. The unisex ornament, basically a string of pearls, tied horizontally across the forehead from the temple – A striking jewellery piece which beautifully structures a bride’s face.

Marathi bride tarun tahiliani couture mudavalya beauty of marathi bride
Image Courtesy: Tarun Tahiliani

Style tip

Go for this unique ornament designed in golden & white pearl with a gemstone to make your outfit stand out.


Nath is the most famous traditional jewellery in the Maharashtrian wedding. Nath is a common adornment worn across the cultures in India, but Marathi brides wear a small cutesy Nath woven with pearls. The Nath looks super cute on all face shapes and especially looks great if you pair with chinchpeti haar and moti bangles. 

Marathi bride tarun tahiliani couture mudavalya beauty of marathi bride naths
Image Courtesy: WMG Marathi Brides

Style Tips

The Nath suits all face shapes and especially looks great if you pair with chichpeti haar and moti bangles. Go for a pearl-studded Nath to create a Maharashtrian style for any of the wedding festivities.


Marathi Bride wears a set of auspicious bangles that are symbolic of a woman’s marital status. Marathi choora consists of a collection of green glass bangles separated with gold bangles. The colour of Marathi brides’ choora is symbolic of fertility.

Marathi bride choora tarun accessory bangles bridal trousseau couture mudavalya beauty of marathi bride
Image Courtesy: RJS Company

Style Tip

Pair the green Bangles with gold kaddas as it imparts a rich traditional look.


Thusi is traditional Marathi neck jewellery, made up of a thick chain of gold beads which is held together with an adjustable thread. The Choker style necklace can be adjusted according to your liking.

Marathi bride tarun thusi mudavalya charm of naths marathi bride
Image Courtesy: Prerna Bhagia

Style Tip

Team this Marathi neckpiece with paithani saree.

Kolhapuri Saaj:

The Kolhapuri saaj is very famous among Maharashtrian women & it is as unique as Mangalsutra. It is made up of jav mani (golden beads) & 21 leaves shape pendant. Every pendant signifies a unique meaning.

Marathi bride maharashtian wedding beautiful couture mudavalya beauty of marathi bride
Image Courtesy: Dageena Maharashtacha

Style Tip

The necklace is clean and elegant and is apt for those who are looking for light jewellery. Match this jewellery with any of your outfits and flaunt your style.


Graceful yet straightforward- A Maharashtrian wedding is full of rituals, merrymaking and delicious cuisines. Click here to Kick-start your wedding planning and plan your dream wedding ensemble.

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