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Summer’s here! It’s time to get our swimming costumes, crop tops, bikinis out for the countless pool parties this summer has in store for us. There’s nothing wrong with making a wellness goal at the onset of summer rather than at the beginning of the year. Warm weather makes outdoor workouts more enjoyable, and the grilling season is the ideal time to pack more nutrients into your diet. (Hello, mango season.) If you’re wondering how to get a summer body in the sense of feeling healthier than ever, continue reading to learn about the exercises that will help you get there. The best part is that you won’t need anything except your own body weight, and 28 minutes a day!

LUNGE WALKING (30 seconds)

Take large lunging steps, pausing after each step and lowering your back knee to the ground (or as low as you can safely go, without losing your form). Perform this exercise for 30 seconds as quickly as you can without losing form… or your balance!

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PULSING SQUATS (60 seconds)

Standing with your feet hip-width apart, push your bottom out as if you’re ready to sit. Squat down nice and low, keep your chest up, and keep your weight on the heels and balls of your feet. Make sure your knees are parallel to your feet and aren’t sinking inward. Raise yourself up a little once you’ve reached your lowest squat posture, and then do as many quick little pulses, up and down, for 60 seconds.

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Begin with a traditional squat, then propel yourself into a large jump before landing on flat feet. Remember to keep checking your squat form as you go; your chest should remain up, and your knees should track in line with your feet. Take advantage of the increased heart rate and leg burn. You’ve got this!

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It’s a great workout for building upper body strength. If you can’t do a proper push-up, knee push-ups are a good substitute. Where you kneel and do push-ups.

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SIDE-PLANK (60 seconds on the right side, then 60 seconds on the left)

Begin this move by lying on your right side on the ground. Engage your core, then lift your upper body with your right arm, keeping your body straight and without sagging. Hold the position for 60 seconds, remembering to breathe! Reposition yourself on your left side for a moment, then repeat the side-plank for 60 seconds.

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This exercise starts with a crab walk on your back and progresses to a hip-bridge. For the less flexible among us, this one may appear difficult to get your body into position at first, so proceed with caution and give it a try. You might be surprised at how well you do!

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Repeat the beach-body exercise routine 4 times

A total beginner may only be able to finish 2 rounds with 45 second rest intervals between each exercise set, or a really fit individual may be able to accomplish 4 (or more) rounds in 28 minutes with no rest period at all, depending on their current fitness level. Do your best, listen to your body, and push yourself a little harder every day, regardless of your current fitness level, because this is what will get you the best beach-body results the quickest.

I can’t stress enough HYDRATE yourself and get enough sleep ‘cause it’ll give your muscles the rest they require. 

These exercises are excellent for sculpting gorgeous muscles, but they will not provide you with the summer body you desire if you’re not eating healthy. You must consume the perfect amounts of the right types of food in order to show off all of your hard work! It’s critical that you eat a well-balanced diet rich in nutritional foods and muscle-building protein. Stay tuned to learn about the foods and diet you can follow in order to achieve the summer body you’ve been dreaming of. 

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    March 14, 2022

    Can boys also do these exercises to get a healthy summer body?

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