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Although our wardrobes are flooded with all types of clothes, why do we still feel nothing to wear?

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It’s a constant struggle to find elegant, hot and comfy clothes in our closet when we have to dress up for any occasion whether it will be a marriage function, office meeting, friends reunion, or anything, clearly, we can’t find any clothing to flaunt our day!

We all agree it’s not because we actually have nothing to wear, but just that we fail at some point to style the clothes rightly to feel satisfied.

Cheers to our constant struggles, but here I am with a much-needed discussion.

What to wear when you have nothing to wear? Or how to wear your clothes when you have nothing to wear?

This is how you should style your clothes:

Start from basics 

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Wear your basics right. There is an unsaid rule in fashion styling that you should own more basics than the occasional clothes. That way you will never feel you have nothing to wear and can style your basics easily for any occasion.

  • A basic tee and favourite pair of jeans or colourful skirts will never go out of trend. 
  • Tuck your tee in various ways 
  • You can add blazers, sweaters or Cardigans to go with it
  • sundresses, maxi dresses, floral dresses, denim dresses or even basic black dresses are so comfy at the same time fashionable when you style them with apt accessories, heels and makeup

Mix and match 

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It’s a very effective and effortless fashion styling. A little experimenting is what you should be doing right now. Not only your Bollywood divas you can do unconventional and freak styles.

  • Mix and match different types of clothes like Indian wear and western 
  • You can try wearing your kurta with your skinny jeans or your lehenga skirt with a basic white/ satin shirt
  • You can even do the same with colours also. Pair your basic tee with a floral skirt. 
  • Always try to pair basic top/bottom with a top/bottom with patterns and designs.

Add extra elements

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This is one hack to make your outfit stand out among the rest. 

  • Always wear the right neckpiece, footwear and other accessories that compliment your outfit.
  • You can even have a go at extra embellishments on your jeans, skirts or jackets. 
  • Extra hand sleeves or collars or feathery shawls etc also can make your outfit look different and more stylish
  • Even if you are wearing the same outfit accessories can make it look different 

Oversize blazers/Cardigans/ jackets


This additional piece of clothing can do wonders for your look. 

  • If you are wearing anything from tank tops to graphic tees underneath with jeans/shorts/mini skirts, put on oversize blazers and Cardigans or jackets, this way you have created an entirely different look.
  • See the pictures, they won’t lie

Layer it and club it

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By layering and clubbing your different sorts of outfits you can create a new one and guess what you will never feel like you don’t have enough clothes.

  • Club different clothes like your body suits with a basic tee or shirts or tops
  • Try clubbing dresses with hoodies or sweatshirts
  • See the pictures for more ideas

Steal some 

It’s time to steal! Yes, steal some basics from your dad’s/husband’s/ brother’s/ boyfriend’s wardrobe and pair it with accessories and little styling.

Have a go at these ideas:

Click here

And here 

You are lying if you say you never felt like this on any day! Nothing to wear is just an excuse since you can style the dresses you already have in your closet in many ways to make them look new and stunning.

So, have a go at these tips I have curated for you and guess what you have so much to wear!


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