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New year is loading!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

Wondering how 2022 ended so fast? Like we only remember getting ready for 2022 and it’s about to end. Life is like that, it slips away from our hands like a clever fish. The game is to catch memories and save them for later. 

Goodbye 2022!

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Be thankful for all the memories 2022 has brought to your doorstep, thanks to all the failures, lessons and joys. 

Let’s get ready for 2023!

I mean being actually ready with more lustful plans and dreams. 

I know new year’s resolutions suck! We never really could follow it no matter how passionate we were, at least, not completely. But this year lets set realistic goals, and promise ourselves things that we can follow.

Here are 8 productive new year resolutions you can have a go at this year:

Make lots of memories

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As I said, getting a year right is all about collecting more memories for a lifetime! We cant hold moments we just can live with its memories. So this year let’s prioritise living in this very moment. Less worrying about the future and stop overthinking about the past.

Go for budget-friendly and rewarding vacations. Spend more time with whoever gives you tranquillity and invest in those relationships where both of you are growing. Follow your passion. Do whatever makes you feel you are actually living not surviving!

Read. Re-read. Learn. Unlearn

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Read. Re-read. Learn. Unlearn- this is my mantra for the year 2023. Investing your money and time in a book/learning is never a bad choice. I don’t have to repeat how important it is to read and learn new things.

  • Start with small and easy books with fewer than 200 pages
  • Learn new skills; painting, embroidery, music, instruments, clay modelling, DIY crafts etc
  • Try to read newspapers or consume daily news online.
  • Stay connected with your surroundings. Be updated!
  • It’s often better to stay away from negative and draining news

Take tech holidays

While it’s very important to stay updated and connected to the world we thrive, it’s also important to save our sanity. Often consuming too many pieces of information and spending hours and hours on your phone, laptop or any screen for that matter will sure to take a toll on your mental and physical well-being.

It’s always a better idea to take tech holidays and stay away from all the digital hustle and find time to connect with nature, human beings and animals. Switch off all your devices or at least keep them aside once a week and start to enjoy the joy of missing out (FOMO)!

Buy a planner

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Living a disciplined life is often frowned upon. Although life is unpredictable and we have no clue what is going to happen next minute, what is so bad about living an orderly life possible? 

  • Start nurturing the habit of planning your day, month and year. 
  • Set small to big goals for yourself for the whole year. 
  • Plan your wake-up time, and what you need to achieve in a day including professional and personal goals.
  • Set a healthy sleeping routine 
  • Try to achieve the 3 best and most important things of the day
  • For the year, try to set your career, financial and personal goals.

Little body movement

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I am not saying you should hit the gym at 5 am in the morning! I know that ain’t happening for most of us. But little body movements a day will save you from all the stress and diseases.

  • We should never fail to exercise at least 15-30 minutes daily.
  • If you can, try doing yoga, and start with meditation and easy poses.
  • If you can dance, at least dancing to your fav songs will do.
  • Walking or running daily for a few miles can also do wonders.
  • Move your body and absorb enough sunlight that’s it. How you do it and where you do it doesn’t matter.

Give simple a chance


What all do you remember happened in 2022? If stress and anxiety are all you can recollect, then you need to give simple a chance this year.

We all agree years of living on this planet have taught all of us one thing for sure- Nothing is permanent!

Things change- sometimes for good, some for bad- but nothing last so long. So, stress less, good or bad, this too shall pass. Self-love, perseverance and trusting the process- let this be your hymn for this year.

Don’t splurge

Financial discipline is also what we all need to work on. Yes! Money can buy happiness, so save it for good.

  • We need to starve over conspicuous conception behaviour
  • It’s always a badass idea to save money a little, not whole!
  • Start investing in mutual funds, stocks or even well-established and trustworthy investment plans
  • Let’s just not splurge money on unhealthy food and material things that are not helping us in the long run.
  • If possible kindly do a rough financial planning 
  • Invest in a good vacation, education and business

Adopt someone


Are you feeling lonely? Or need a new member in your home? Get home a pet.

Adopting any pet, whether it is a fish, cat, dog, bird or even plants or books this year, can fulfil all your joyful needs. Caring for them daily, cuddling them and sharing love can uplift the way you look at your life. A pet is always a best friend in your bad and good times.

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I can go on and on, but I know that isn’t helping! As we all are done with unrealistic goals, I hope you can pull off these subtle and nurturing resolutions. 

Start slow, you have the whole year. Even if you can’t be the best at these at least build a habit. They say, “ we are the slaves of our habit”, yes, this year try to be slaves of some rewarding habits along with some of your old monks 😉

Have a happy, terrific and never-have-before year ahead!

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