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The new year is finally here! 

And it is obvious and we could really feel the fresh and mesmerizing energy that it has brought with it. It is an occasion also to make epic and productive changes in your life that have rewarding and everlasting impacts on your life and health overall. 

So, are you guys up for new year’s resolutions? Or are you the one who is tired of all those unaccomplished resolutions that piled up from last year’s? 

This time even if you are not into resolutions, let’s make some atomic and silly promises to ourselves that in large time will definitely hit you differently.

Make these 5 teeny-weeny promises this year, which are very easy to follow but will have a thankful effect on your overall health and wellness. Read on:

Promise No. 1: I won’t skip breakfast


Have you ever felt eating is one underrated therapy and blessing we all have? Yes, it is! But, we often lose our discipline and charm when it comes to eating right and on time. 

  • Skipping breakfast is a health hazard. It will create minor to major health issues that you will never think of.
  • It is said that ideally, you should have breakfast within two hours of waking up, That too, a healthy one.
  • Studies have found that missing breakfast regularly can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes as it may cause chronic insulin resistance, cholesterol, gastric problems etc.
  • Consuming a healthy breakfast including mixes of various fruits and vegetables, low-fat and protein food has abundant benefits as it restores the glucose levels in the body, lowers stress levels, increases concentration levels and allows you to stay energized and positive throughout the day.

Promise No. 2: Menstrual hygiene 

image 1

If better periods and reproductive health are one of your priorities then you should never fail to follow hygienic practices during your periods.

While Menstrual Hygiene in itself is a broad subject let’s quickly see some tips here.

  • Choose your period products wisely according to your habits and comfort. 
  • If you are using reusable sanitary products like menstrual cups make sure it is cleaned and sanitised every time you use them.
  • If you are using a sanitary pad or tampon, make sure you change them after 2-3 hours, since continual use increases your risk to infections.
  • Make sure you wore breathable and clean underwear and change them regularly.
  • Take a warm bath or clean your area with any intimate wash or just warm water. 
  • Don’t use normal body soap, body wash or shampoo, which can upset your natural flora, acidity or PH.
  • You should know that during menstruation there is an added risk of passing on or contracting blood-borne diseases (HIV or Hepatitis B) through unprotected sex. So, if you are having partnered sex use protection.

Promise No.3: I will eat healthy, home-cooked meals

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Having plenty of food is of course a luxury, but having plenty doesn’t make you healthy. Eating healthy, nutrition-rich food that too on time is vital. 

We have already discussed this fairly extensively on this topic before also.

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Promise No. 4: I will exercise daily

Zumba Classes

Little body movements a day will save you from all the stress and diseases.

  • We should never fail to exercise daily, at least 15-30 minutes daily.
  • If you can, try doing yoga, and start with meditation and easy poses.
  • If you dance, at least dance to your fav songs
  • Walking or running daily for a few miles or playing sports like badminton, basketball etc can also do wonders.
  • Move your body and absorb enough sunlight, that’s it. How you do it and where you do it doesn’t matter.

Promise No. 5: I will detox frequently

Detoxifier Load

It’s cardinal we should make an effort to detoxify our bodies frequently. We eat and consume food that may or may not be suitable for our wellness. 

What is detox? Simply saying it is the water that has been infused with the flavours of fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

  • Detox water is said to have many health benefits, including weight loss, balancing body pH, digestive health, better immunity, blood purification etc
  • Want to learn how to detox? Click here and click here  

Our body is a blessing in disguise. It is sad that we all take it for granted and weep only when the balance is damaged and we fall ill. This new year let’s not forget to celebrate our health and wellness too. Let’s give ourselves a chance to make an effort to promise ourselves better things for ourselves.

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