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Happy girls in sanitary pad commercials are mythical creatures!

Periods is a red sign! It is that friend who has been with you throughout but still couldn’t be a BFF. Every month we wake up to this nightmare with bloating, cramps, bleeding, mood swings….I know!! You don’t want to talk about it. Even the thought of a period can make us sick. But I am here to talk about something you would enjoy or even waiting for. 

How to feel better on periods?!

Yes, it might seem impossible! I am not saying the cringe I’m possible stuff and all, but you can try these hacks out. I can’t promise, you will start loving your period days by trying these tips, broh! that ain’t happening! But still, you might not feel that irritated on your next periods.

So, whom are you waiting for? Let’s dig deep and find out how to feel better on periods:

Tackling the pain

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First thing first, cramps! We can agree to disagree that period pain is easy as we fight them every month. It is much worse! It also comes with a bag of other pain like lower back pain, pressure in your thighs, and breasts apart from the one in your lower abdomen. 

How to tackle the pain?

  • Use a heating pad/hot water bottle on your lower abdomen or lower back to put you at ease.
  • Take a warm bath or hot towel massage. It will make you feel better and fresh for the time being. 
  • Get help from someone to gently massage your abdomen, legs and lower back.
  • If it is severe talk to your doctor about using a painkiller or an anti-inflammatory drug. Consume it as per the prescription and do not self-medicate at any cost!
  • Do an easy and subtle exercise like yoga, walking, or swimming as it will help in increasing the blood flow.
  • Last resort, try to get some Zzzz…

Confront bloating

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Bloating during or before your periods is a common symptom giving way to yet another irritation. It makes you feel like you’ve gained weight or have a tight and swollen abdomen.

How to confront bloating? 

  • Eat healthy foods. Stretch your hands only for healthier snacks like fruits and veggies or other low-sodium foods and not processed foods and too much salt. 
  •  Avoid caffeine and other sweet and carbonated drinks that make you jittery. Caffeine can  irritate your stomach and give you that achy, crampy, bloated feeling
  • You can have herbal teas or regular or ginger teas. Which can help you overcome bloating.
  • Get in some exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym or lift weights. Just relax and do simple exercises like yoga, stretching or meditation. It will help you stay calm and will increase your blood flow and ward away bloating.
  • Not the least, if it is troubling you like hell, go and talk to your doctor.

Menstrual Hygiene 

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This is one thing I consider the most vital thing you can do to welcome home better periods. And one thing you can’t compromise. While Menstrual Hygiene in itself is a broad subject let’s quickly see some tips here.

How to do it?

  • Choose your period products wisely according to your habits and comfort. 
  • If you are using reusable sanitary products like menstrual cups make sure it is cleaned and sanitised every time you use them.
  • If you are using a sanitary pad or tampon, make sure you change them after 2-3 hours, since continual use of these increases your risk of infections.
  • Make sure you wore breathable and clean underwear and change them regularly.
  • Take a warm bath or clean your area with any intimate wash or just warm water. 
  • Don’t use normal body soap, body wash or shampoo, which can upset your natural flora, acidity or PH.
  • You should know that during menstruation there is an added risk of passing on or contracting blood-borne diseases (HIV or Hepatitis B) through unprotected sex. So, if you are having partnered sex use protection.

Overcoming the odour

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This is probably the last thing you want during periods. But, due to sweating, unhygienic practices and bacteria it is common that your period smells bad. Don’t feel bad! 

Try these hacks to ward them away.

  • As we all know, vaginas are their own self-cleaning systems and it keeps a  slightly acidic balance throughout your period, sex, and ovulation. Sometimes you don’t have to do much! 
  • But, following hygiene habits can combat it to an extent.
  • Try to keep your intimate area always clean and wash them regularly with proper intimate wash but not soap or body wash.
  • You can even rinse the inside of your vulva with warm water, and again avoid soap as it troubles the vagina’s pH balance.
  • make sure you change your sanitary products like tampons, liners, or pads every few hours. 
  • Please note, daily showers are also important.

Proper rest and care

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While your period makes you stick to your bed, proper menstrual rest and care demand more. It wants you to relax. It wants you to know that this is for good and to stay healthy.

What to do?

  • Do what makes you active and sane. indulge in some chocolate ice cream, and watch movies all day if you want to combat your mood swings.
  • You must be tired of all the pain and hormonal change, get some quality sleep. Take rest and help your body and mind stay afloat.
  • Drink enough water every day and avoid having too much junk food.
  • Get some cosiness and make sure you are warm inside.
  • Eat properly. Do not skip any meal
  • Let your partner/mom/friend stay aside you and do not hesitate to trouble them for any help.

While menstruation is a herculean task, we all know the consequences and anxiety attached, if it doesn’t come out well or come on time. So it is important that you treat all your periods with utmost care and keep it hygienic. Follow these tips and thank us later.

Have less painful periods!

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