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Be brave and confident!

I lost count of how many times I heard this whenever I tried to do anything on my own. I am sure you are too.

But, how to be confident? Can anyone tell us?!

Let me help you a bit.

Confidence is valuing the treasures we have in our life from body, and mind to relationships. It is accepting and presenting ourselves to the world unabashedly. For better mental health to professional and personal achievement, you have to get this skill right.

For some, it may come easily but for many, like me, it may feel elusive. Albeit, it is not at all an unattainable goal, you just need to adopt some traits and train yourself to be confident.

Let me list out 9 tips for building confidence:

Love yourself 

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If you don’t value yourself, your skills, and your ideas, you will feel a vacuum and eventually reach a stage where you think there is nothing in me to be proud of. Lack of self-worth is the main reason behind underconfidence. Learn to love yourself, even if the world doesn’t. Embrace the person you are, your gender, your colour, size, shape, sex and financial status.

Acquire knowledge 

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Knowledge is power. Often we shy away from expressing ourselves, in the fear of being wrong or knowing we don’t hold that much knowledge to be part of the discussion or group. Acquiring more knowledge and using it will definitely help you soar your confidence.

Better your communication skills 

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Expressive communication skill is a critical skill you need to cultivate to ace your confidence level. Mastering any language you are dealing with in day-to-day life will make you expressive thus you will not hesitate to talk your heart out without fumbling.

Self-talk and pep talk

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Self-evaluation and motivation can solve numerous problems for you. Talk to yourself daily, about your failures, and goals and do a pep talk before you try anything. Make yourself believe that you are capable of doing great things. Make this a habit.

Balance it with body language

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Your body language tells a whole story of your confidence. 

People having low confidence levels tend to cross their arms, sit in a hunch, cross their legs, fiddle or keep their eyes down. So correcting your body language also plays a prominent role in acing your confidence level.

Here are some lessons: Click here

Be Presentable

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If you are not dressed up well, not looking good, or not comfortable in the cloth or accessories you are wearing, you can’t expect yourself to be out there, killing it. You don’t have to do it to impress anyone, just dress up for yourself, because that will take you to the zenith of your confidence.

Keep yourself clean


Looking glamorous ain’t enough, to feel the world taking you seriously, you have to look clean and smell good. Cleanliness is such a rewarding habit, that makes you comfortable and confident instantly. Make sure you smell good and your nails are proper, your pores are cleaned and give attention to your body hair.

Embrace Body Positivity

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Mind you! Confidence doesn’t come with you looking stunning, or succumbing to the pressure of bodily image that the world throws at you. You don’t have to be slim, beautiful, or white-skinned to take the moment in your hands. Very wrong. Be comfortable in your skin, and value your body in all its shape and size. Just present your unique body with style and elegance. 

Get out of your comfort zone

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Even if you are your own fav, and a champion of self-love, sometimes won’t make you confident enough if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to challenging situations.

Experience, failures and lessons learned from embarrassing and challenging situations are vital for you to master self-confidence. So be there, talk to people, and challenge yourself.

Let me tell you that each and every one is one-of-a-kind. A masterpiece. Don’t you dare compare yourself with anyone, embrace the uniqueness of your skin, body, skills, knowledge, gender etc and let go of anything that makes you think you are not enough!

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Follow these humble and simple tips and be there out in the world, telling your unique story to the world through your words and experience and thank me later.

You are confident already, let the world know that you are fearless and brave. Rest, you do you do!

Until the next read!


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