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“Raising a happy kid is easier said than done!”

Our kids are apple of our eye, the one human soul we love extravagantly. When we are making a room for this little piece of god we are not going to compromise on anything! Having said that do we really know how to build a perfect room for our kids where they will play, grow and learn till their adulthood?

While some have it, many lack proper sight of how to build it right. Don’t worry all your queries will be answered in this reading itself. So read on:

Your kids’ room should ideally balance their wants at this age and their needs as they grow up! Let me line up some tips and tricks on how to build a better kids’ room:

Less is more

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It is a design mantra! Every time you design anything or build something know that you put everything out there will be a mess, not beauty. Don’t just splurge on decor things, just smart-buy everything according to the theme and necessity. 

  • First decide which room you are allotting to them, make sure it is a well-lit room with plenty of room for natural light.
  • Keep the decor simple and furnishings to a minimum thus creating more space for them to play around. 
  • Limit the fun accents to playful wallpaper, posters, cushions, curtains, etc. 
  • Whether it is a small room or big make the most out of it by adding appropriate furniture and accessories, not plenty.
  • Choose timeless yet age-appropriate and classic furniture rather than going for fancy ones.
  • Don’t put an elaborate bed for your sweetie pie simple loft bed will do, as it saves lots of space.
  • When they get old you can easily convert the space you save and things you smart-buy according to their needs.

Play with colours and pattern

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One thing you must be sure about is ‘not to make the room boring as your bedroom’. Yes, you are right, kids need more colours and drama around them, or else they will get bored. 

  • While it is always best to set a colour and theme according to their liking you should also keep in mind what to do with it when they grow. Since they might not prefer the same colour as they grow.
  • So the best thing is to add colourful accessories than painting the wall so.
  • Add toys and teddy’s featuring their favourite characters thus they feel at home.
  • Careful use of pattern and texture also have a say in making it interesting for kids.
  •  You should not make it boring either considering what to do when they grew up. Bed sheets, curtains, throw pillows, toys and wardrobe are some options where you can play smart with colours.

Study/play corner and library

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Now apart from their entertainment make room for their learning and productive activities too. If you have enough space work on building a study/work area and a small library around the corner. 

  • You must know that reserving a place for your child’s creative and learning needs will not only keep them busy but may also help in their holistic physical and mental development. 
  • Create a small library with stories and cute learning books, with an accessible bookshelf to inculcate a reading habit in them early.
  • It might also be a great idea to segregate spaces for play, study and sleep. It is a great idea to make them understand everything has a place of its own and also the beauty of keeping it tidy and organised. 
  • When they are adults they can easily convert them to study or work area.

Enough storage space

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What about the pile of toys and clothes? Clever storage solutions only can make your kids’ room hassle-free and organised. It will also nurture in them, cleanliness and organising habits in no time. 

  • Make a wardrobe and segregate space not only for their clothes but also for all their accessories and toys.
  • You can explore the option of boxes or bins to divide the bigger shelve spaces. Opt for boxes with bright colours or graphic patterns. 
  • It’s always a good idea to keep a toy box separately and if possible arrange them accordingly.
  • You need to craft the wardrobe in a way that it has ample space for party clothes, school uniforms, and casual wear clothes. 
  • Try filling the accessible spaces of the wardrobe with capes and costumes for the little ones to play dress up. 
  • You can also start teaching them how to organise their things on their own by showing them.
  • It is not a bad idea to keep a cute little laundry basket, installing basic hygiene practices in them.

Kids’ room is also a place where they learn life skills too, so you make sure they have everything around them to learn smart and to build good habits. Dear parents, you guys should also keep in mind that they are not permanent fans of any colour or character! Their likings always change and when they grew up all the fancy things you made for them might seem cringe-worthy later.

Strike the right balance and make a little world for them which inspires them to learn better and live happily. The key to their life is in your hands!

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Aww! You are welcome! Now receive your kids’ gratitude with a warm hug.

I am telling you, happy kids are the most valuable investment.


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