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We owe it to nature big time for everything it has granted to us. But the sad reality is that we dwell in the realm of ignorance, without a care in the world, exploiting every last bit of Mother Earth. Okay now take a minute and ask yourself this question – When nature attends to my wellbeing, what do I do in turn? 

 It’s high time, we must give it a thought if we are being grateful for the air we take in and the abundance of resources we use. For this very reason, a particular day has been allocated to remind every human being about his role in nature which is celebrated every 28th of July as World Nature Conservation day. 

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This year’s theme relies on sustaining people and planet. If you wish to be a responsible citizen here are 5 conversation tips that you can implement in your daily lives to conserve natural resources. 

1. Save water

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If we had a dollar for every time we leave the water running, I bet we’d be millionaires by now. Bear in mind that every drop counts. It is the little things we do which bring down water wastage – quick shower, turning off taps when not in use, minimal use of dishwasher and washing machines etc. Water is crucial for our ecosystem and it is in our hands to keep it in reserve.  

2. Renewable energy for the win 

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Climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, carbon emissions and every weather-related change mainly traces their way back to the non-renewable energy we use. Our excessive consumption of these resources exerts pressure on the Earth’s surface and atmosphere which gets back to us with harmful consequences. So the best choice for all of us would be to switch to renewable energy sources like hydropower solar energy, wind energy etc.  

3. Go green 

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It might come as a shock to you but every lifestyle choice you make has an impact on the environment. ( I mean, if you do good you get good. If not, then it’s gonna be a problem.) Taking small steps as simple as commuting through public transport, switching off lights when not in use, planting trees and recycling things will make a huge difference. 

4. Waste segregation 

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Segregating wastes before dumping them plays a major role in nature conservation. You might think what does it have to do with nature conservation but this is how it works. – When waste is segregated and thrown in separate bins the waste management process is done accordingly. Therefore, when the recycling process becomes easier, the landfills are saved from huge disposal of wastes, creating a large impact on nature. 

5. Reduce, recycle and reuse

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These three R’s hold exceptional value. When we reduce, recycle and reuse, we produce less amount of waste material. That way the landfill space is conserved. Reducing and recycling also has economic and environmental benefits. Therefore, when the three R’s come into play, we become a part of sustainable living. 

Does this remind y’all of your mid-school science lesson? – All the above-stated things are not new to us and we have come across these from a very young age. But the question is that “Did we do something about it?”. All that awareness and for what? But, it is never too late. Start today and reap a better tomorrow. 

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