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Yes you heard it right! 

3.2 million weddings this month! 

Are you one among them? Or are your relatives or friends tieing the knot this wedding season? Then this read is the one that you are looking for.

Stage and decor steal most of your calm during these celebrations. I am sure you must have bookmarked lots of ideas for your haldi, mehendi etc. by now to show to your event team. But I am here to help you out set up a haldi stage and decor on your own. Yes! Say bye to your event team for a day and set a stage of your own.

Can you believe if I say, I set my haldi stage on our own with my cousins and family? I am telling you it is too much fun to start from scratch and do it yourself. 

Don’t miss out on the fun, just check out these ideas:

Marigold wonder 

Marigold and Indian wedding decor just hit differently. Whether it’s orange or yellow decorations using these is easy to do and is everyone’s piece of cake. 

Make these amazing stages using marigolds and complimentary flowers or leaves of your choice. You can create a simple marigold curtain hanging or get ideas from these pictures

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Don’t just eat in banana leaf 

I mean, you, for sure, have had food in a banana leaf at some weddings, but have you ever thought it could be a decor material? Make traditional yet stunning haldi decorations using banana leaves. Just try these out:

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Add more colours 

Who told you to just stick to yellow for haldi? Why shy away from playing with colours on these joyful occasions?

Using these DIY craft decor pieces, ribbons or fabrics you can set eye-popping decorations on your own. Check these ideas out:

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Jugaad it!

It’s time to let out your creativity and effort. Grab some household items or waste/used items! Why on earth should you bring a waste item to a wedding function? Just look at these pictures can you identify these are waste items? Now get some ideas from these images and create amazing decorations of your own.

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Not just stage 

Your haldi decoration doesn’t stop at the stage it extends to the pathways and more. A floral photo frame, a photo corner to click amazing pictures, and an entry board or decorated pathway for the bride’s or groom’s entry will definitely add more life and energy to your gathering.

Check out these amazing ideas to add more tadka to your haldi ceremony. 

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Celebrate each function to the fullest like there is no tomorrow. Remember not to let any stone unturned when it comes to celebrations. Now have a go at these ideas and make amazing decorations for your ceremony and let them talk about your haldi for a lifetime.

Chill bro! You just have to have fun. 

PS: Photographs are owned by respective creators.


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