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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Not a day goes by without us scrolling through our phones. Although we get to connect and network with people and get updates on the latest trends and current affairs, every rose has its thorn. Sometimes, we get so involved and bury our faces in our phones that we slack off from our regular work and idle away the hours going through Instagram reels, WhatsApp statuses, Facebook posts and whatnot. 

The other downside of social media is how it can interfere with our ideologies. The unrealistic beauty and body standards set by various platforms meddle with our sense of self. We are lured into a trap that brings down our self-esteem and has an effect on our mental health. 

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So how do we call a halt to this issue? – That’s when social media detox comes into the picture. Although there are many ways to undertake this process, this article will tell you how to do social media detox the right way.

1. Tick-tock, time’s up!

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Acting upon things in a tearing hurry will not get you anywhere. Do not jump the gun and delete all the apps at once. Start off by setting up a timer every time you pick up your phone and skim through the unread notifications. (hey, don’t even think of snoozing as you do with your morning alarm!). That way, you can limit your time spent on social media and reduce usage. This will be your first step towards digital wellbeing. 

2. Cultivate a new habit/hobby

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You cannot break your social media addiction in a snap. It will take time, and the process can be assisted by cultivating a new habit or a hobby. This will aid in eliminating your distractions and act as an alternative to passing time in a healthy way. Start by reading a book, learn to play a new instrument, draw, paint or indulge in any activity as per your interests. A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. 

3. Hangout with your friends

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Bad day? Relationship issues? Long day at work? – Friends always come to our rescue. Social media cleansing can also be hard on you. But you know your friends are just one call away. Hit them up and talk your worries away. Have a good time. Time passes so quickly when you’re having fun, and you wouldn’t even realise you are in the detoxification process. Being with friends is the best therapy! 

4. Hit the delete button

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But if none of these works, I’m sorry, but you’ve gotta pull the trigger – deactivate your accounts and hit the uninstall app button because there’s no way out. Simply removing your accounts will do no good. You will still feel the urge to spend “just five minutes” on the app and end up spending a lifetime. So, get rid of your social media apps, scroll less, and live more! 

Social media detox is not a tough row to hoe if you do it the right way. Put down your phone and pick up your life, because being offline is the new luxury ! Break free from the world of trends, hashtags, likes, and followers and get back to the real world and live life. 

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