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Who says you have to own a Chanel to seem prim and proper? Throw out all the literature that teaches you otherwise and listen to me out today: FASHION IS INEXPENSIVE, UNDENIABLE, AND TOTALLY ACHIEVABLE!! Let’s face it, we all want to appear sophisticated and costly. While some pricey fashion products scream riches and others scream originality, I’m here to tell you (no, show you!) that looking expensive on a budget is very achievable and is not reliant on your wardrobe budget.

I am convinced that fashion is a distinctive voice that we should all utilise to tell the world who we are and, more importantly, who we want to be. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “dress for the job you want,” and it has a lot of truth.

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You have less than 27 seconds to establish a first impression on people (on average, only 7 seconds), and you’re not going to be able to say a lot of important words in that short amount of time. So, use your appearance to assist you communicate.

This blog isn’t about appearing like a billionaire, but rather about how to seem elegant, powerful, and put together. I come from a fashion school, so believe me when I tell you that a sense of fashion and style is rare, and whoever breaks the code needs no money and is still capable of taking the room by storm! So, without much further ado, let’s dive right into it! 

  1. Get the Perfect Fit! 

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Clothes that are overly tight, oversized, or otherwise ill-fitting will never live up to their full potential. Bring your favourite jeans, dresses, and other staples to the tailor—it’ll be worth it. After a few nips and tucks, your closet staples will be tailored to you, not just anyone. And to my fellow impulse buyers: Please put down the Rs.100 Sarojini jumper and slowly back away.

  1. Fabric is key! 

You don’t have to spend all of your money on designer labels as long as your textiles are largely natural and of great quality. It all boils down to employing finer textiles in elegant ways to achieve the ultimate business-casual appearance, going-out ensemble, or weekend attire. It’s all about natural and organic fabrics. Rayon is the way to go instead of silks, and while it requires a little more love and care with handwashing and dry-cleaning, it can make all the difference and last far longer than synthetic alternatives.

  1. No Logos! 

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A majority of luxury and high-end designer labels never use huge crests and logos on their clothing. Why? The finest brands in the world have distinct styles that set them apart from other firms. Those distinct styles and cuts can speak’ to the rich purchasers who recognise them. Big logos make clothing appear cheap, which is not the way to go if you want to appear wealthy. Displaying logos as a sign of repute gives the impression that you’re trying too hard, which smacks of desperation. Don’t make yourself a walking billboard for brand names if you want to appear to have a large bank account. Go for clean clothes with silent logos and better fits! 

  1. Get Trendy with Jewelry! 

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Wearing jewellery might be a fashion faux pas. Too little jewellery screams ‘poor,’ whereas too much jewellery screams ‘poseur.’ A few well-placed pieces of elegant jewellery may add rich refinement to your entire outfit. Your necklace, bracelets, and rings should indicate the type of affluence you wish to project. If you can’t afford the genuine thing, go for a more basic look with a few statement pieces. Remember that because fake pearls are difficult to detect, they are far safer than imitation diamond necklaces.

  1. Accessorise Well! 

The main components of any clothing are your accessories. You run the danger of seeming drab and average if your accessories aren’t up to par. After you’ve chosen your outfits, make sure you purchase distinctive accessories to go with them. When it comes to sunglasses, go for the most opulent-looking designs you can find without breaking the wallet. This is because wealthy people wear the latest eyewear trends that you won’t find in your neighbourhood store, signalling power and opulence. A genuine designer bag or wallet even from H&M or Forever 21 is excellent, but choose a bag that is more minimalistic.

  1. Take care of your clothes! 

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Another simple way to dress expensively is to take good care of your clothes. This involves ensuring that they are freshly ironed or, at the very least, are not wrinkly. Also, make sure to verify and follow washing instructions, especially for delicate textiles like silk, wool, or cashmere. Most clothing items should also be hung to dry because dryers break down the fabric, causing it to shrink and seem worn. Also, if you frequently wear button-down shirts, pay attention to the collar area, which can become soiled with cosmetics or lotions. As a result, you can wash or soak them right away after wearing them.

  1. Go Neutral! 

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Of course, there is a place for bright hues in your clothing. However, using neutrals is one of the finest recommendations for how to dress luxury on a budget when it comes to looking smart and trendy. Anchor your outfits with black, navy blue, beige, grey, white, subdued green, brown, or taupe. Neutrals will never go out of style. This means you won’t need as many clothes in your wardrobe. And if you wish, you can easily style them with vivid and dramatic colours.

  1. Invest in Timeless Pieces! 

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The idea is to prioritise quality over quantity. Purchase timeless, versatile pieces that will not go out of style anytime soon. So, as appealing as it may be, following up with trends is the quickest way to overpay and load your closet with things that don’t fit your unique style or go well together.

Next time you go shopping, save your money and obtain a quality pair of jeans that will last you for a few years instead of buying whatever is in style right now. And maybe it’s time to call it quits with the trendy lifestyle influencers who are probably bankrupting you as well!

  1. Keep your Make-up Simple 

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Simple makeup almost always makes you look more professional and costly than heavy makeup with 15 different beauty items. Furthermore, beauty products may be expensive, so keeping your everyday makeup simple is an easy way to save money.

Less makeup is also better for your skin and saves you time in the morning. To get started, try our minimum makeup routine!

  1. Don’t forget your hair! 

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If you’re looking for ways to look rich, remember that unkempt hair isn’t one of them. So, first and foremost, take care of your hair by trimming it on a regular basis to remove any split or damaged ends. Then, for a more sophisticated look, consider learning a couple modest and understated hairstyles.

Choose traditional hairstyles that rest at the nape of the neck, such as a short hair cut, a side or centre part, a low ponytail or a bun, a simple French twist or a French braid. Twist-outs and braids are fantastic options for natural hair. These haircuts may instantly make you look attractive, wealthy, and put together. For hairstyle tips you can read my blog on Best of Summer Hairstyles 2022: https://blog.pankhuri.co/2022/03/24/best-of-summer-hairstyle2022/fashion/hairstyles/

  1. Statement shoes are a must! 

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Shoes can make or break an outfit, and untidy shoes can mar an otherwise perfect look. Another technique to seem rich on a budget is to keep your shoes in good condition. Make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition. Purchase a shoe polish kit and use it to moisturise your leather shoes. In addition, waterproof sprays should be used to protect them against rain, snow, and spills. Treating and cleaning your shoes will also help them last longer, which is excellent news for your wallet because you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

For a longer, thinner appearance, select shoes with pointy toes. Pointed-toed shoes lengthen your legs and give the impression that you are taller than you actually are.

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There are numerous ideas and methods for dressing expensively on a budget, but the most important is to pay attention to details. Checking to see if the buttons on your clothes are mismatched or missing, for example, does not cost much money. And there’s so much more to power dressing that I can’t fit it all into one blog post for you.

So, if you liked these hints and want to learn more, I’m only a click away! Comment below and let me know which topic you’d like me to cover next, and I’ll be back the next day with a new blog and plenty of gossip. Also, don’t forget to share this with your bestie, because what’s better than one powerful woman? TWO!!! 

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