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Topping the list of DIY trends in recent times is resin art. But it has mostly been used as a showpiece and collectable. Don’t you think it’s time to put those beautiful designs into regular use and incorporate them into jewellery? If done so, you can make your own accessory that goes with your OOTD and level up your fashion game. But…creating jewellery from scratch using a chemical substance? As complicated as it sounds, our artistic sense has almost reached a dead-end, and we are proving every single day that the sky’s the limit. To back up our creative minds, aesthetic sense comes into the picture, and the combo of both with the perfect blend of resins gives us the ultimate resin jewellery accessories.

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Here’s an advanced resin art guide to demonstrate that we can get a kick out of art now that it can be worn and relished.

Needed supplies:

  1. Jewellery moulds
  2. Epoxy resin
  3. Resin colours
  4. Mica powder
  5. Embellishments
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Tool kit:

  1. Plastic cups for mixing the resin.
  2. Ice cream sticks or mixing spoons for stirring the colours.
  3. Toothpicks to get rid of air bubbles.
  4. Tweezers to place embellishments. 
  5. Gloves and face mask for safety.
  6. Cover sheets to keep your work area clean. 

General Instructions:

  • Assemble the supplies and tool kit in your workspace, all ready to go. 
  • Get a mental picture of what you’re going to make because the resin hardens in 20-30 minutes and that’s the amount of time you have in your hands to bring out the Michelangelo in you.
  • Cover your work area with sheets to keep your space mess-free.

Put on your gloves and mask up, soldier, because we’ve got some work to do!


1. Mix and fix

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To mix the resin and the hardener, it must be of equal parts in a ratio of 1:1. So take two plastic cups and mark the measurement lines to be exact, and pour the resin and hardener into the cups separately. Make use of ice cream sticks and stir the mixture thoroughly for about 5 minutes until you have perfectly blended them without any streaks. Be gentle with the stirring to keep air bubbles at bay.

2. Pop of colour to top the look 

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Add a few drops of mica powder to the above mixture and keep stirring for the colour to get evenly distributed. Make sure the colour gets dissolved to the fullest extent without any powder clutters floating around.

3. Mould it!

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Pour the resin mixture into the mould of your choice. Layer your resin depending on the size of the jewellery. An ideal size would require two to three layers of resin. You can pour it all at once without layering, but you’ll lose the advantage of perfect casting and obstructing air bubbles. After the first layer is laid out, add on your decorations: dried flowers, beads, pressed leaves etc and seal them with another layer of resin.

4. Curing time!

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Keep the moulds undisturbed at room temperature and let the resin cure. The curing time varies for every resin, so read the instruction manual for the one you bought. Usually, it takes up to 12–24 hours before it’s all set. 

5. Demould and swagger around. 

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Once the resin has cured and hardened to perfection, unfasten the resin from the mould. Add on fixtures like hooks, chains, and clasps to the mould and assemble the jewellery piece. 

Don’t keep your artistic sense to yourself. Bring it out and let the creative juices flow like a resin pour. If you are wondering where to hone your skills, register for Pankhuri’s Resin Art Masterclass at just Rs.249/-and learn to make interesting pieces from scratch.  

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Here’s a beginners guide for you to start with:

If you have the app: https://co-pankhuri.app.link/4pQ82Y4S3ob 

On the website: https://pankhuri.co/master-class/course/1321 

However, if you are eager to learn how to make Resin Art and add another skill for yourself, enroll in Pankhuri’s Resin Art Masterclass. You can also enroll for Advance Resin Art, Advance Resin Art 2.0 and get these classes at affordable rates.

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