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How do you feel when you receive an extended deadline in the mail or your friend’s text saying “I haven’t started earlier”? Does it stimulate your happy hormones? — If it does, gimme five, my friend! ( because I put the pro in procrastination). But we all gotta get past this and be productive at least to some extent or else how else are we going to get our work done!? – One can never escape the responsibility of tomorrow, so it’s better to stop postponing things and push yourself to work your best.  

Procrastination is a kind of habit loop, so you must break the cycle before you fall into it. This article will help you understand what makes us procrastinate and how to stop the dilly-dally. 

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Why do we procrastinate?

Coming from the little miss procrastinator itself, the leading cause as to why we put off doing our work is primarily because of these 3 reasons. 

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Uncertainty 
  3. Perfectionism 

When we lack interest in doing something, we fail to find the motivation that drives us to complete the task. We have this inner feeling that we’ll get to it eventually, but in reality, it never works. 

Accordingly, when we are uncertain about what we are expected to do, we lack clarity about the task to be done. This overwhelms us and drains our motivating force to get things done. Also, when the perfectionist in us pops out, the lil dude strives for top-notch work and stands in the way of even kickstarting a piece by inducing a fear of criticism. 

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Time for a fun introspection: Do you procrastinate and still get the job done and is that why you procrastinate in the first place? (could be a little confusing, but makes sense if you are a procrastinator 😉 ) 

How to beat procrastination? 

 If we procrastinate now, we will panic later. So how exactly can we bring it to a halt?
For starters, we must understand the underlying factor that triggers the procrastinator in us. It could be one of the above-mentioned reasons or anything for that matter.

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Take a look at the above image with the common procrastination triggers. Find out your whys and wherefores. 

Here are some practices you can use to combat and manage procrastination. 

  • The biggest hurdle to cross is to start the work. So take baby steps towards finishing your work. Don’t you think it’s always better to do something than nothing? 
  • Plan your tasks before you jump right in. If the work is over your head, break it into sub-tasks and get it done one by one. 
  • Make sure you get rid of every single thing that causes even the smallest of distractions. 
  • Prioritise your tasks and try to keep your focus at check throughout the working hours. 

Let’s all follow Nike’s quote, “Yesterday you said tomorrow. “Just do it” and stop procrastinating from now on! I am aware of the fact that it is easier said than done. But the best way to get things done is to simply begin. 

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