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Gone are the days when a small amount of blood could intimidate us and put an end to all of our plans. We no longer make exceptions for anyone. We’re here, and we’re bleeding. Period

So many people in India are discovering what it’s like to not let a period interfere with our daily lives; to not let rashes and the fear of stains keep us awake at night; and to not wake up with the fear that the bed has been stained red (hey, that rhymes).

We cannot emphasise enough how every person who uses plastic coated pads, tampons, and liners contributes to the massive pile of sanitary waste that is choking our planet. While no single person can clean it up, you can help to keep our planet from becoming clogged. 

Menstrual Hygiene is crucial and the way you dispose of your sanitary napkins and maintain hygiene during your menstruation will all be mentioned in the blog. So, don’t skip a single point and carefully follow these said points regularly. To have hygienic menstruation. 

1. Getting Rid of Used Sanitary Products

During your menstrual cycle, improper disposal of used napkins poses a significant risk to you and those around you. Wrap it tightly before discarding it to keep the odour and infection contained. Do not flush the pad or tampon down the toilet because they can cause a blockage and cause the toilet to back up. Always wash your hands after changing sanitary napkins, as this can lead to viral infections such as Hepatitis B.

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2. Wear clothing that is breathable

During your menstrual cycle, it’s best to avoid wearing tight clothing or fabrics that don’t ‘breathe,’ such as synthetics, because these can cause increased moisture and heat, allowing bacteria to thrive. To stay fresh and dry, wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothing.

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3. Leaving the sanitary product on for an extended period of time

Your menstrual flow is heavier during the day, the pad absorbs more blood, sweat, and sebum. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it is recommended that only one sanitary product be worn for no more than four hours per day. However, when you sleep, your bodily functions slow down and the intensity of the bleeding decreases, allowing you to safely wear a sanitary product overnight.


4. Wash thoroughly

During your menstrual cycle, the blood provides an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, so rinsing the genital area at least twice a day is advised. Even after you have removed your sanitary napkin, the organisms cling to your body. However, washing your vagina and vulva too thoroughly can upset your pH balance, making you more vulnerable to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

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If you thought this blog was informative, wait until you attend Pankhuri’s Must Know Menstrual Hygiene Care and Product Options Masterclass. Don’t miss out on this free session, it’ll be informative, fun and engaging. Learn about different sanitary product options and how to maintain hygiene. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to maintain hygiene during periods. It’ll save you from getting prone to several diseases. 

To register for the masterclass, click on the image. 

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