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In my previous blog about tattoos, I emphasised how the ink is transformed into art and brings out your personal style and how the design acts as a form of self-expression. But you must also keep in mind that it is more like a medical procedure – the needle penetrates your skin over and over again to deposit the ink particles beneath your skin surface. Therefore, your job doesn’t end with getting a tattoo after encountering a series of struggles with your parents and your internal mind. The most essential thing is the aftercare that has to be done to keep your new tattoo in check –  – isn’t prevention better than cure? 

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Listed below are some tips on how to take care of your new tattoo

1. Wrap wrap!

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Once you’re done getting your dream tattoo, the tattoo artist will put on a layer of antibiotic ointment and cover it up with plastic wrap or bandage. The cover acts as a barrier against any dust particles or even bacteria. Therefore, make sure you keep it on until the advised time limit. The time allotment differs with every type and design of the newly etched tattoo.  

Get proper guidelines from your tattoo artist and act. 

2. Rinse and cleanse.


Your tattoo is no less than an open wound. So it is of the utmost importance to handle it with care. Once you take off the cover, gently rinse the tattoo and make use of a cleanser that is free of alcohol and other toxic ingredients. An anti-microbial soap can also carry out the task. Once the wash sesh is done, pat dry the area with a soft cloth. 

3. Moisturize 

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Hijack a step from your skincare routine and incorporate it into your tattoo aftercare because moisturization is a must! Apply a thin layer of moisturiser or ointment—fragrance and alcohol free. It prevents your tattoo from drying out and keeps tattoo scabs at bay. Moisturizing plays a key role in the wet healing process and ensures that you do not go off the boat and into the water!

4. Give it some time

You gotta give your tattoo a breather because it’s gonna take its time to heal. Do not push the process or completely neglect it. Follow the above steps for a week or two and steer clear of things that might meddle with the healing process – swimming, tight clothes, sun exposure, etc (BIG NO!). Avoid scratching, peeling, or picking at your tattoo as well. 

5. Keep the routine on. 

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Do not put a stopper on your aftercare routine once your tattoo has healed completely. You still hold the responsibility to look after your tattoo, keep it clean and do the needful to prevent it from fading. But go easy on the products you use in your routine because excess application can lead to clogging your pores – you don’t want your skin gasping for breath, do you? 

These are the top 5 steps to remember when you get a new tattoo. Once you step out of the tattoo studio, you are on guard for your tattoo. Therefore, be up to par with your aftercare routine and get ready for the next tattoo! 

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