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“Genius by birth and evil by choice.” This describes our main character of K.G.F, aka Rocky bhai (Yash) in a single sentence. But, before we get into what a blockbuster part 2 is, let’s go back in time. The first part of KGF was all about Rocky’s intentions of ruling over KGF and being a powerful man. And, as we all know, it occurs after he kills ‘Garuda’ in the first instalment. But the real question is, has ‘Chapter 2’ given justice to all the hyped up audience waiting so badly for it?

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The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ The story begins with Vijayendra Ingalagi, the son of Anand Ingalagi, taking over as narrator and stating how Rocky bhai has taken over KGF and won people’s hearts, and now he is on his way to the top where he sets his path in dangerous territories revealing many faces where he drives people insane with his stylish shots, savage dialogues, and a load full of laughter. While we know that chapter one attempted to do so, part two moved faster with wittier shots, nastier games, and an encounter with Adheera aka Sanjay Dutt. Surprise, surprise! The newcomers in this role have delivered an outstanding performance. As for our beloved Rocky and Adheera’s story, Adheera plays an important role in this film, with his goal being to reclaim KGF from Rocky.

With all of these exciting twists and turns, our filmmaker Neel throws in a lot of surprises, and Mr. Rocky Bhai takes us on an emotional roller coaster as he begins his love story in the middle of the film. While Rocky’s rivalry with Adheera heats up, there is more than one person out to bring Rocky and his KGF down. The narrator had suspiciously told one line from the start that there is only one person who can bring KGF down, and you will be curious who that person is until the end because, aside from Adheera, the CBI officer and the Prime Minister (Raveena Tandon) all want Rocky to fail.

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I understand what you’re thinking. Ooh.. What will happen with so many rivals and one king of the entire KGF? In the film, there were numerous rat traps set for Rocky in which 1) he could die and 2) he could be caught. 3) What are you thinking, Sir? It’s Rocky, not  Garuda that could be shot down. All kidding aside, given that the conflicts and battles are far more interesting than the last time, the best part is that a group of powerful people is pursuing one person, the King of KGF.

More than that, the entire film is loaded with action, love, mind-blowing stunts, and even more heavy dialogues; this may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is not a movie to be missed. But for those who adore those films, there is a bundled joy and excitement for you that our director hinted towards the end of the credits that KGF Part 3 is in the works. I know our hearts are singing YAAY, and we can’t wait. Btw the answer to the earlier question of who is the only person who can take KGF down is… Oops! Sorry you have to watch the film for this information.

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What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest theatre, book your tickets and get ready for your minds to be blown.

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