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Hello hello lovely people! 

I hope all that street food is keeping you happy and your tummy full. As a repercussion of your love for my street food blogs, I am back yet again but this time with the cultural capital of India: KOLKATA!!! 


Kolkata, India’s Cultural Capital, is a foodie’s paradise, especially for those with a sweet craving. Bengali sweets are well-known and require no introduction; yet, the hot, tangy, and totally delectable street food of Kolkata will leave you puzzled as to whether you prefer the fiery Bengali cuisine or the melting tastes of the sweetmeats. Add to that the traditional Chinese and Tibetan cuisine available here, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get MUNCHING!!!! 

  1. Luchi & Aloo Dum 
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Fairlie Place is Calcutta’s primary business sector, and you can see people in formal clothing pacing the street, either on the phone or holding a newspaper. The area is lined with booths selling anything from snacks to whole dinners. The most famous meal here, though, is the Luchi – Alu Dum. Luchi is identical to puris, and Alu Dom is the Bengali version of Dum Aloo, with Fairlie Place making the best. Kachoris, rice, and fish curry are also options. Any sweet you can think of is likely to be found here. Chilla, Dal Pakori, and Dahi Chaat may be found on Stock Exchange Road.

Best Places to try: Fairlie Place and Stock Exchange, BBD Bag

  1. Puchkas 
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Puchkas are the best of Kolkata’s street food, stuffed with mashed potatoes, spiced, and filled with tamarind chutney, pickled water, pudina, and lime. They are related to the golgappa family, but the unique flavour of Kolkata distinguishes them from gol gappa or pani puri.

Best Places to try: Dilipda’s puchkas in Vivekananda Market, Krisnakant Sharma’s stall in Vardan Market & Kiosk near Triangular Park. 

  1. Ghugni Chaat 
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Dacre Street, also known as Decker’s Lane, is one of Kolkata’s most prominent food streets and contains everything you might desire to sample. Everything from Punjabi to Chinese to the signature Bengali delicacies is available here. Chowmein, Schezwan chicken, luchi-aloo dum, fish roll, Ghugni, Puchkas, Jhali Muri, and so on. Furthermore, the WHO has named the meal here as one of the World’s Best Street Foods!

Best Place to try: Dacre Lane or Dacre Street

  1. Mughlai Parathas 
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Anadi Cabin’s specialty is Mughlai Parathas, which are rotis loaded with copious amounts of Chicken Kheema or broken cutlets, onions, and eggs. Though similar variations may be found elsewhere in Kolkata, Anadi Cabin delivers some of the best and most affordable Moghlai parathas. These paranthas offer a completely new flavour to Kolkata’s street food cuisine!

Best Place to try: Anadi Cabin, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

  1. Dragon Chicken 
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There is no doubt that Kolkata is known as a gourmet haven because it not only features true Bengali street cuisine but also other delectable variations. Among these is the delectable Chinese cuisine. The best Chinese street cuisine in Kolkata can be found on the street opposite the South City Mall. And, while you’re here, don’t miss out on the Dragon Chicken, which is a must-try.

Best Place to try: South City Mall street

  1. Tela Bhaja 

A nearly 50-year-old store has earned a name for itself by selling the greatest Telebhaja in town. Telebhaja is deep-fried munchies, and everything from brinjal fries to fried fish, egg chops to mutton chops sells out in a matter of hours. They are only available in the evenings from 4 PM to 8 PM and have people fighting to place orders; if you go after 7.30 PM, chances are you’ll have very few alternatives. Other popular Bengali tele bhaja venues are Gariahat and Fairlie Place.

Best Place to try: Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja, College Street

  1. Aloo Kabli 
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Aloo Kabli, one of the best types of potato, is a spicy and fiery dish that you should not miss if you’re craving something flavorful in Kolkata. Boiled potatoes are tossed with tamarind pulp, onions, tomatoes, chiles, chickpeas, and a wonderful masala blend.

Best Place to try: Kalika Mukhorochak at Surya Sen Street

  1. Kabiraji Cutlet 

Non-vegetarians should not visit Kolkata unless they try the famed Kabiraji cutlet, which is well worth the money. The wonderful taste of the cutlet is to die for, made with minced mutton wrapped in egg net and deep fried. The Kabiraji cutlet is a must-try among the many wonderful street snacks offered here.

Best Place to try: Mitra Cafe 

  1. Channar Jilipi 
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For those with a sweet craving, this Kolkata street snack is pure bliss; it is juicy, soft, and chewy. Chanar Jilipi is a Kolkatan cottage cheese jalebi. It’s thicker than a regular jalebi and has a texture comparable to Gulab Jamun. That’s practically the goodness of two treats rolled into one.

Best Places to try:  Golpark and College Street

  1. Ghoti Gorom 
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Try this incredible combo of Chanachur, lemon juice, and onion, known locally as Ghoti Gorom. This street dish is a popular street meal in Kolkata, offering the greatest flavours of spice and sweetness. If hunger pangs are nagging you, buy one packet and gnaw on it till you get to your destination.

Best Place to try: Princep Ghat

  1. Fish Cutlet 
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This lip-smacking delight is a hearty snack found on street side food booths across the city, consisting of chopped fish and veggies combined and moulded into small discs, which are then dipped in a batter and deep fried. Occasionally, the meal is produced simply by dipping fish fillets into a batter and then deep frying them.

Best Place to try: Mitra Cafe 

  1. Dimer Devil 
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The Dimer Devil, Kolkata’s take on the deviled egg, is a hard-boiled egg with a spicy, deep-fried covering of minced beef and other spices. The substantial, high protein snack is ideal for on-the-go consumption.

Best Place to try: Mr. Wilson’s Cafe 

  1. Doodh Cola
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This uniquely Kolkata beverage is made by combining milk with aerated soft drinks like colas. This creamy drink is famously served cold with ice in little clay cups at Balwant Singh’s Eating House in Bhawanipur. 

Best Place to try: Balwant Singh’s Eating House in Bhawanipur

  1. Jhalmuri 
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Jhalmuri is a delectable street meal that may be found in every nook and cranny of Kolkata. The snack consists of puffed rice, namkeen, peanuts, coriander, onions, tomatoes, spices, chiles, and other ingredients. No oil and no cooking makes it the quickest and the best street food in Kolkata.

Best Places to try: Jawaharlal Nehru Road and Triangular Park

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No matter where you go in India, you’re certain to come across some famous Indian street cuisine specialties. These essentials are available across the subcontinent, from Panipuri to Momos, but what sets it apart is the love that is lavished on it each time it is presented on a plate for you!

We know you’re salivating already! The streets of Kolkata are filled with a variety of foods that will satisfy your soul. So, plan a vacation to West Bengal to see the vibrancy of this eastern state and to sample the best street food in Kolkata.

Also, just in case you’re heading to Delhi, Jaipur or Mumbai, do check out my street food blogs on the same to ensure you don’t miss out on any delicacies these beautiful places have to offer!! 

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