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Read: Make-up Do’s And Don’ts When Meeting His Parents!

Subtle, no-makeup makeup and impress-worthy makeup look when meeting the to-be In-Laws

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a big deal, we are not gonna lie. It is natural to feel dizzy and nervous thinking about attending the two people who are closest to your special one. Therefore, we know that you are going over your wardrobe ten times a day wondering what to wear on the big day. And, thinking about the make-up, well, you do not want to come off as extra but then you also want to flaunt that tight-lined eyes and lip shades you own. It is indeed a dilemma when it comes to do’s and don’ts of make-up when meeting the parents. But worry not because we have sorted it for you.

Here is the guide for a make-up look we’d wear when meeting his parents!

Make sure your make-up looks natural and not cakey. The best way to flaunt your beauty is by keeping it minimal and simple. Opt for light coverage foundation with a good primer. The primer will perfect your skin, giving the foundation an excellent base to blend in.

Revlon products
creame blush
no makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Revlon

Do not forget to put on that cream blush. It makes your skin glow naturally and gives it a polished and flawless radiance. It is the perfect representation of “Good Girl Image”, and we would like you to stick to it. Meanwhile, go slow on the highlighter and bronzer to ensure you don’t look like you’ve come right from a vacation in Hawaii. 

No makeup makeup look
Light eyeshadows
Natural look
Image courtesy: Fashionista

Opt for lowkey eye make-up and ditch the idea of having smokey eyes or eyes dashed with heavy kohl. You are there to make an impression; it isn’t a rock band concert! You will have your days to work the cat-eye make-up too, but while meeting your boyfriend’s parents, we advise you to just line your eyes with solid black liner and enhance it with a stroke of mascara.

Nude lipsticks
Nude lip shade
No makeup makeup look
Image courtesy: Charolette Tilbury

Go slow on the lips too; you do not want to be called a wild child with your red, pouty lips, right? Apply something nude and matte. Dull cherry or peach coloured lip balms also work wonders.

Date night fragrance 
Floral perfume
light perfume
Oriental Floral perfumes
Images courtesy: Nylon Pink

The last and the oldest trick in the book is to put the right kind and amount of cologne. Impress them with your ladylike by opting for a mild and floral perfume.

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